Passive Solar Windows for Different Climates

Everybody spends more of the time of his whole life at his home. If a person do job for 8 hours daily and spend four hours in travelling and other outdoor work the rest of 12 hours he spends at home. It means a person of 60 years of age spends 30 years at home. It shows the importance of a home. It must be comfortable and equally good for all weathers.

It is not a dream to make your home equally good for all weathers. Miraculous technological advancement has made it possible. I am sure you also want your home a sweet home in all seasons.

So you want to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Also you want to spend minimum to make your home sweet home for all weathers.

You are also fed up of using electronic appliances. You don’t want to rely on them 24/7. You want to use them minimum to save money also by slashing your power bill.

In power outages you also want to enjoy same level of temperature inside your house when power was coming. But the question is; can you do this?

passive solar windowsYes you can. You can do this quite easily. For this you need to make your home’s design passive solar. You may be thinking what the hell it is.

It is actually opposite of active solar when you install a solar panel

to generate energy from the sun. Under passive solar system you get maximum heat from the sun in winter and minimum in summer. Yes you are right heat can be gotten maximum from the sun in any season but how to get minimum heat.

Don’t worry; after reading this post your confusion will be over. You will make the design of your home and windows in such a way that in summer all heat absorbed by walls, roof, windows and doors is reflected back. The material of all these materials absorb the heat minimum in intense sun and get the maximum heat when sun is moderate. Right?

How to install passive solar windows in your home?

This you can’t do yourself. To make passive solar windows and the overall design of your home you need to hire an accredited construction consultant. He will advise you how to get this done.

Again don’t worry; passive solar windows and design of your home can be made without any help or use of technology. To make your home solar passive simply direction of your home and the weather trends of the area are considered. Then it is simply made with the use of material that absorbs the heat in winter and reflects in summer. This material is mixed in cement to make plaster of the walls. The insulation material is also used in windows and doors. All the things are done on purely manual basis.

So you need to just plan to put passive solar windows in your home of passive solar design. For this purpose get list of all construction consultants of your area who can do this task for you on cheap rates but at high quality. Check their previous work and then select the best one to convert your home as sweet home in all weathers.

Please remember in US and Canada environmental civil contractors are easily available. In Europe you can hire such services quite easily. But in developing countries you need to search them with a lot of efforts as these services are not very common there.

You can get the help of internet to search your required services online. Very high ranking civil contractors offer such services at slightly higher rates. You simply remember the term passive solar and explain them properly what you want to do with your house to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

It is likely that in least developed countries civil consultancy for passive solar technology be hardly available. You can avail this option with online consultancy. For detailed guidance on this topic and about passive solar home design you can read more here.

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