How to buy the best water filter for your home?

The most important element in life is water
. Without it we can’t survive even for a day. We need water to drink, to cook food, to wash and cleans ourselves and our clothes, kitchen utensils and the places where we live and work.

We can’t use polluted water. If anything not regular component of water is mixed into it we call it the polluted water. Especially we must not drink polluted water. If we do we suffer from various water-borne diseases including gastro problems, kidney stone and arthritis as most important of them.

Bottled water so costly

The best way to avoid drinking polluted water is to consume pollution-free water. But it is so costly to buy such water free from all types of contaminants. This is usually called bottled water and its price is higher as compare to water we get from our civic agency.

From water supply is not fully safe

The water provided by civic agency is also not fully free from all types of pollution. Maybe civic authorities release water fully safe but while moving in pipelines and reaching the houses it gets affected by various types of water pollutants.

Main water pollutants to avoid

best water filterThe most important water pollutants are:

  • Dirt including dust particles and others tiny items
  • Bacteria including sewerage and all types of waste of living beings
  • Nutrients mainly agriculture run-off consisting of residue chemical fertilizer and pesticide

So to avoid these water pollutants one should either buy pollution-free water for drinking purpose or at least try to purify it before consumption.

Boiling of water not perfect method

The cheapest method to mitigate the effects of water pollution is its boiling. If you boil water for 30 minutes on normal temperature all its bacterial and nutrients residue pollutants lose their harms up to a limit. But its dirt can’t be removed by boiling it. That is why this method is not very much popular.

Water filtration system

The second most popular method is filtering the water before its consumption. In ancient times people used to strain water through a thin fabric to clean its dirt before consumption. But it was not perfect method because any kind of fabric does not have features to fully separate all types of dirt from the water.

What is the best water filter?

So in modern era a technology was invented to purify the water through a manual purification system. Under this system the effects of main water pollutants are mitigated to the maximum possible level. This technology is called water filter and is very popular in middle class communities all around the world.

Its cost is not very cheap so poor communities mostly can’t afford to buy it. That is why aware poor communities simply boil the water to do their best for its purification.

How the best water filter works?

Usually a water filter is a small gadget having a small tap, two to three jars and then another tap to finally deliver the purified water. Many costly brands have also a meter to show the quality of water after filtration.

It works with electricity and a few of them now are also made useable by solar energy. But they are not very common.

5 tips to buy the best water filter

To buy the best water filter it is necessary to fully check it. Many low quality brands are also available in the market. Even in less developed countries fake water filters are also available on cheap prices. So you need to adopt following precautions before buying the best water filter.

Authentic brand: Fully confirm its maker filter is a famous and credible brand and not the unknown one.

Performance: Check which pollutants it guarantees to mitigate and also check how many of them really present in the water you get. You can check it by getting it tested in any environmental laboratory of your area. They charge a fee for this service but you should once pay this fee to avoid drinking water pollution forever. To lessen the load of fee you can also get this on community basis and distribute the load of whole fee to all community members who want to install a water filter at their home.

Installation and after sale service: Installation and after sale service is an important component and must check before buying it if the seller provides you installation service either free or on nominal fee.

Maintenance: Also check after how much period you need to do its maintenance and when to remove the fully used filter and how much will be its cost.

Price: The total price of the water filter should be competitive and you need to check by comparing it with the prices of other such products available in the market.

Your turn

So these are a few tips to buy the best water filter to make your water safe from maximum types of water pollutants before consuming it. I hope you won’t delay buying the best water filter after reading this post because there should not be any lethargy if it is a matter of yours and your family’s health.

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