How most of the environmentalists are polluters in poor countries?

Yes most of the environmentalists are polluters in poor countries.

Does it sound strange? Maybe you are thinking I am so angry on rising environmental violations in poor countries. That is why I am blaming this serious allegation on environmentalists.

But it is a reality. Those who violate the environment are fully enjoying the vested interests of environmentalists in poor countries. Environmental violation is not going on in a specific sector. It is across the board in every sector either it is industrial, medical, commercial, construction or any other.

Every act of polluting is getting clean chit with the support of environmentalists and environmental watchdogs. You may be confused what I am saying. So just let me tell you how it is happening.

Mafia of environmental consultants

environmentalists are pollutersIn most of the poor countries there is not much scope of environmental jobs. Polluting businesses know they can save themselves from the implications of green laws by just dodging the green regulator. They also know how honest and professional the officials of green regulator are.

So polluting businesses in most of the poor countries don’t bother to hire a fully fledge HSE (health, environment and safety) manager. They simply hire an environmental consultant as and when they have to face any legal action with regard to their any environmental violation.

As a result there is no demand of green jobs in business sector of poor countries. So a handful of environmentalists work as consultant to protect the interests of businesses by saving them from the requirements of green laws. They save them with various technical excuses while businesses put their political influence to protect their skin from any green regulations.

No regular environmental monitoring of polluters

You may also be surprised to know in most of the poor countries environmental monitoring of industries and other units is done on random basis. It means as and when a green regulator receives a complaint of environmental violation by any production unit it simply do its monitoring just as a formality.

That is why most of the industries don’t have fear of environmental vigil by the regulator. They keep violating the green laws of their countries till someone from a community or media notices their violation. To face one-off notice polluting businesses simply hire an environmental consultant to protect themselves from legal action by just technically dodging the regulator.

So environmentalists being consultant of businesses teach them every trick to stay away from the ambit of green laws and continue their business without complying any kind of environmental requirements.

Yes most of the environmentalists are polluters

You may be surprised to know that in Pakistan all the industrial associations of Karachi and interior of Sindh province have convinced their provincial government that installation of treatment plant to treat the industrial effluent before its release is the responsibility of the government. In its sheer negligence with regard to industrial pollution control mechanism government did accept their demand and has constructed first ever government-funded combined effluent treatment plant in Kotri near Jamshoro and Hyderabad. Construction of a few more such plants is also under perusal of environmentally silly government of Sindh province of Pakistan.

Government is a symbol of corruption and inefficiency in many poor countries so is in Pakistan. The treatment plant built by the Sindh government at Kotri industrial area has yet to be operational because of several constructional and installation flaws in it. As a result despite being placed at the site it has been non-functional till it was shown completed in government documents since 2010.

Its reason is inability of the contractor of the plant to construct it with quality material as earlier agreed with the government. Obviously he had to give a huge amount as kick-back to approving authority and after that he might not had sufficient amount to construct it with quality material. So flaws were quite natural in it.

This was all done because of the over-smart consultancy provided by government and private sector environmental consultants to the industries. All the industrial owners collectively hired the services of an official of the government environment sector of Sindh and he guided the industries to force the government to install a combined treatment plant in Kotri.

At every stage from planning to execution vested interests of environmentalists, environmental officials of government, industries and top government officials were upheld.

Those who had to protect their businesses convinced the government to install a combined effluent treatment plant for them as they are not supposed to do this job by their own.

Those who are habitual of corruption and minting money from polluters also succeeded in their nefarious designs and diverted the burden of environmental compliance from industries to government by receiving huge some from industrialists as consultancy charges. \

Those working as environmental consultants helped the industries to convince the government how installation of a treatment plant is the job of the government. Obviously they must have charged a fee to train the industrialists how to shift the burden of constructing and installing treatment plan on the shoulders of the government.

They made a plea that industries were already facing lot of other problems so they can’t afford to do environmental compliances by themselves. If government would force them they will shift their industries to nearby neighboring countries.

Partnership of green consultants and regulators

In most of the poor countries the corrupt officials of green regulators also explored a novel way to mint money from polluters. They instead of receiving money directly from the polluters brought environmental consultants to do this job for them.

Now green regulator in most of the post countries forces the polluters to go green in their operation technically and for this purpose hire a consultant to do this job. Then it recommends a few names of green consultants who already have an understanding with the green regulator.

Whenever a green consultant gets a client on the recommendation of a green regulator it provides a fixed amount out of its consultancy fee to the reporting officer of the green watchdog. But here also green consultant fully exploits the support of green regulator and provide consultancy to a business just to fulfill the requirements and not to literally comply with the green rules.

So this is the sad story of environment sector of the most of the poor counties. Can you now believe most of the environmentalists are polluters here? Do share your views in comments section below.

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