10 deadliest excuses of polluting industries

This is very common in poor countries and in some of the advance countries also. Whenever any act of polluting is pointed out its perpetrator has so many excuses to save him from legal action.

Mostly polluting industries very smartly use lame excuses to save their skin. Many of these excuses are so ridiculous but they work well in poor countries where hardly a few people have proper concepts of industrial pollution control.

Lame excuses of polluting industries

Just to let you know how many polluting industries and businesses are be-fooling the green regulators I have summed up all these excuses here.

We don’t know

deadliest excusesThis is the most innocent pretext of many polluters once they are caught red-handed while polluting. They pretend as if they have just arrived from Mars today and have no knowledge of how to control pollution.

As a result they easily buy time to first cover their crime of polluting and also defer complying with green laws because of their so-called unawareness about green laws.

First make us aware

Many polluting industries not only declare their unawareness to control pollution but also unabashedly ask the green regulator to help them know how take steps for pollution prevention during their operations.

Environmental protection agency in backward countries is also a toothless body without much power. Even if it has power it can’t exercise them because polluters have more say in the corridor of power. So many giant industries have this much courage to challenge so what if I pollute can you stop me.

Prices will rise

This is a very tricky excuse many polluters have. Most of the polluting industries defend their disobeying the green laws with price factor. They shrewdly argue if they install a treatment plant and regularly operate it then the cost of their production will rise. As a result they have to sell a product at a higher price which may go out of the range of common man.

Their green regulator don’t have skills to convince them that it will be just a short-term impact and in the long-term it will make prices lower and also enhances the quality of their products.

On the other hand if they keep polluting, one day industrial pollution will deplete all nature resources and their cost of production shoot up to the sky because of the big rise in prices of their raw material. It is a well-known fact that most of the raw material comes directly or indirectly from natural resources.

Cost is higher

They also argue that the cost of pollution control system is so high and they can’t afford it. They also complain of power crisis for which they have to pay extra cost by generating their own electricity.

In some countries power crisis are really worst but it can’t be an excuse to hit the environment. It is against the logic to hit one thing because of the problem in another thing.

Market is gloomy

In poor countries hardly any businessman admits his business is growing. Almost all of them complain of lackluster in their business. So they present it as one of the lame excuses to avoid following green laws.

No space for treatment plant

This is a very funny pretext. They argue that they don’t have space to install a treatment plant. If they find another product to sell and earn big money will they still have no space of will create to install the plant for that product? So this is their frenzy to save more money and earn money that stops them to take care of environment.

Government is not cooperative

They want government provide every facility and ease to make them comply with green laws and control industrial pollution.

Government in most of the poor countries is inefficient and corrupt. It can neither guide the industries properly to take steps for the solution of pollution problems nor does it offer them facilities without taking bribe.

As a result polluting industries refuse to play their role to avoid polluting in their process of manufacturing and damn care of environment.

Already facing losses

Most of the polluting industries show huge losses in their accounts to avoid paying taxes. They use the same statement to avoid complying with green laws. Mostly they make fake statements to avoid their several financial responsibilities.

About to shut down

In many backward countries the problems of law and order, power breakdowns and political instability are so common.

Polluting industries fully exploit these problems to keep polluting without any check. If the green regulator warns them of taking strict action against them they declare they are about to shut down and cannot do an extra cost for environmental management.

Open one window

Different types of regulators monitor the industries in poor countries. They monitor differently for various purposes.

For each of their regulators polluting industries have just one excuse they can’t face so many regulators so make just one regulator to monitor their activities to check their compliance of green laws, tax laws, labor laws, social laws, workers rights and many other. Meanwhile they keep polluting and government has no exact reply to reject their demand because in many countries ten to twenty different types of regulators monitor the industries.

So these are the ten deadliest excuses polluting industries have. They save their skin from any kind of legal action by offering an excuse best suited to a given situation.

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