How to do green awakening with Twitter?

Do you want to learn how to go green? You also want your friends learn this.

It means you want to achieve two goals. One is to learn to go green and then make your friends adopt a green way of living.

Obviously you also want to do this in minimum time. It is obvious that you have to do your regular daily chores like doing a job, household work, enjoying with family and interacting with your community.

But still you want to do something which makes you achieve your two goals as noted above.

Don’t worry I will tell you in this post how you can easily learn about going green and also do green awakening together. But first let me define your two goals.

How to go green?

  • By eating organic food instead of processed food that may have a lot of harmful chemicals
  • By conserving water following water saving tips
  • By conserving energy with energy conservation tips and tricks
  • By reduce, reuse and recycle to generate as lesser waste as you can
  • By identifying the green products correctly before buying them
  • By planting trees
  • And above all to promote the green living in your family and community

green awakeningWhat to do for going green?

It means to go green and promote green you need to learn:

Join a community

So to learn all about going green one of the best ways is to join a community where many people can guide you. Also you can guide many others in the community who don’t know much about the benefits of green living.

You may ask how one can find such a wonderful community with so many people its members. You may also ask isn’t it so time-consuming to do this task.

Online community

Don’t worry you can do all this with the comfort of your home. Yes I am talking about joining an online community.

So to make so many friends who already have green lifestyle and also many others who want to go green, it is must to use a channel to join them.


Obviously this is social media. So instead of discussing all social media in this post I tell you here one of the most popular social media. This is Twitter where people from all walks of life with diverse interest share their knowledge with each other.

How to do green awakening with Twitter?

You can still ask how they will also share their knowledge with you to teach you how to go green. Also how is it possible to do green awakening with Twitter.

Create your Twitter Account

It is so simple. First you need to join Twitter and create your account.

After signing up, go to setting page and upload your profile pick and also background image to show your main objectives of joining it. In your description also mention what is your objective to become part of it.

After creating your profile now you need to do three main tasks.

  1. Follow as many people as you can. Wait a minute. Don’t follow everyone. Just check if someone has any expertise, affiliation or interest in green then join it. So all who you follow will be telling your how to go green with their share.
  2. Keep reshaping whatever they have shared. So other people will notice you and ultimately follow you to learn from you how to go green.
  3. Also share whatever knowledge of green you have with your followers.

By and by more and more people will follow you. This all depends upon how relevant are the people who you have followed.

So check the profile of the person before following him. Check the number of posts about green he already has shared, the photos for green awakening at his time line, his friends list will also tell you how much green his community is.

So spare half an hour daily and check who have shared their knowledge about going green. Do click on their links and read it in detail. Then retweet (reshape) those shares which you think will help your followers to learn how to go green.

In this way you will be doing green awaking and learning the ways for going green together and that too without much effort.

Once you will be familiar with Twitter you will learn more and more how to take its full benefits to achieve your green goals.

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