How to make people aware on environment with LinkedIn?

So you know what are the benefits of a better environment. You got to know this with your personal efforts. But you are not much hopeful for a better environment. You see everywhere people damn care about environment. They hit it and don’t bother to think what they are doing.

You do believe that government can punish the institutional polluters but cannot check on each individual if he is hitting the environment.

Secondly each individual action does not harm the environment massively. He simply hits a little. So he can’t be punished on just not throwing a candy wrapper into the dustbin. So individuals can simply be made aware on importance of clean environment.

Now you may have another problem. Obviously it is time constraint. You don’t have much time to meet individuals and share your green info to influence them take care of their surrounding environment. Here again you need not worry. I have a wonderful solution of this problem also.

You are right. I am talking about contacting with people online. You can contact as many people as you want to make them aware on environment. You can talk to them:

  • Through emailing
  • At social media
  • At communities forum

aware on environmentThe easiest way is to interact with them at social media to make them aware on environment. I have already told you how to raise environmental awareness with:

In this post I will tell you how to make people aware on environment with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media for professionals. So you can convey the green message to a very important community of our society.

Professionals have strong following in their field if they are senior. If they are junior so they can be influenced a little easier because they have more time to listen to you and follow your message. In both the cases chance of your success are more than failure.

How to join LinkedIn?

It offers both free and paid membership. You need not to take paid membership because with free membership you can achieve your goal of green awakening quite easily.

Just sign in and fill the details about yourself showing your educational and professional background, your achievements, your interests and your personal life as well.

After that you simply have to connect with people who you know already to prove you are a genuine persona and not a spam. Then keep expanding your friends network by sending connect request to your friends’ friends.

There are several groups also at LinkedIn which you can join and make their members aware on environment.

How to make people aware on environment?

For regular interaction it is good to share the posts on environment and its related issues to your friends. Simply you need to paste the URL of the post at your timeline and its window will appear.

Then click the POST button and all your friends will receive your shared post at their timelines. It will also display the image of your post if you click the option of show image below the post.

You can also share your previous experience on environmental care, your knowledge, your point of view and everything which you feel will help people be aware on environment.

So this is one of the easiest ways to make people aware on environment with LinkedIn without physically going to someone for this purpose.

Do you already have a LinkedIn account or now create the one. If you already have an account what one can do more to make people aware on environment? Do share your views with me and with this blog community to help us learn more about this useful social media platform.

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