3 main hurdles to pollution control in poor countries

This world is divided in two groups in terms of pollution. One group comprises of advance nations who though still are polluting massively but have simultaneously started improving their system to ensure pollution control.

Second group is of nations of mostly backward and least developed countries which are polluting massively and damn care about environment either apparently or actually.

Just take the example of any backward country it is infested with every type of pollution. Living stand is so low there and people badly suffer from environmental degradation but take it just an add-on in their huge list of several other curses.

They already suffer from poverty, illiteracy, lawlessness, extremism, bad governance and several other political and social illnesses. So they don’t worry much if another curse is added in their list.

But this is not an excuse to turn a blind eye from the back pain of a person if he is already suffering from several lethal diseases. A doctor assigned to cure the back pain could not be exempted from his duty on this excuse.

Poor state of pollution control in poor countries

pollution controlSame is true with regard to pollution control. Interestingly each country in backward world has a mechanism to protect its environment. But it is not an ideal mechanism nor is it working at its full-scale. Its main reason is those who developed it also from the same country so a lot of shortcomings into it are obvious.

That is why policy making for environmental care is poor in backward countries. Organizations to protect the environment are inefficient and mostly corrupt also. Enforcement of green laws to book the polluters is also very weak there.

So pollution control mechanism in poor countries is in state of disuse or being misused by vested interest there. The three main hurdles to pollution control in such countries are:

1. Outdated system

In most of such countries governance system is ambiguous and quite outdated. Decades’ old system is still working and no advancement is being done to update it.

As a result still its working is on same lines when this world was not technologically advanced. You would be surprised to know in government offices of many countries still typewriter is being used to write a draft.

So a system working on outdated lines will not address the issue of environmental degradation which is not as older as the issues of poverty, backwardness, crimes and diseases are.

2. Bad governance

Every government has two components of manpower. One is hired on the basis of its qualification and experience. Other one is elected on the basis of its leadership skills. They are called public representatives.

Unfortunately most of the public representatives are elected with the old methods of paper balloting and with the absence of monitoring of how they convince people to vote them. As a result they misuse the method of balloting to win the election. They also coerce people to vote them because they are very influential and can’t be booked because of poor legal system in their countries.

As a result those who are elected as public representatives are not true leaders and don’t represent their communities on merit.

So those who are elected with the help of improper means don’t allow the process of hiring on merit. Being political bosses in their areas they violate the rule of merit and hire those who are their followers or who they believe will support them in their each good and bad act as public representative. So these two components of government get their positions violating the law. How come they ensure good governance because they get into office to serve their own interest and not to serve the country?

In such bad governance how can a proper pollution control mechanism purely on merit be developed.

3. Public unawareness

Third main reason is unawareness of people of poor countries. They already suffer from many other social and political problems. Their main objective is to get a good job, health and education facilities and a peaceful life. So whoever listens to them they just make these demands and always keep shouting for the fulfillment of these demands.

As a result no one in government sector cares for environment. Their leaders know that if they don’t take care of environment no one will protest because people are already facing several other grave problems and will be striving to solve those problems which directly relate to food, shelter and clothes.

So these are the three main hurdles to pollution control in every poor country. Do you think there is any other big hurdle besides them? Do share your views by mentioning the name of your country also.

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