What are the causes of air pollution you can prevent?

Air pollution is created when various harmful gases including carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, nitrogen oxide exceeds their limit in the air.

It is not possible that they should be fully away from the air. Their minimum amount is ok but when it exceeds the limit the air quality declines. It cannot be good for breathing.

If we breathe air with a lot of harmful gases it directly hits our lungs apart from weakening our immune system. So for a healthier and better life we need to inhale air with minimum pollution.

Causes of air pollution

The main causes of air pollution are two pipes.

  • One is silencer of vehicle
  • Other one is chimney of industry

Silencer of vehicle means silencer of cars, buses, wagons, trucks, trawlers, ships, aero planes. If they emit gases more than prescribed limits, they create air pollution.

causes of air pollutionEnvironmental quality standards fix the limits of amount of various gases that vehicles are allowed to emit. They can’t avoid it because when they burn fuel to get energy for moving obviously they will emit smoke with gases. But they are bound to:

  • Use quality fuel which emits a minimum of harmful gases while burning
  • Keep the engine of their vehicle in good condition
  • Maintain the silencer of their vehicle regularly to emit gases after possible sieving
  • Keep the tyres of their vehicle in proper balancing
  • Regularly get their vehicle tuned-up to let it emit minimum gases.

So to prevent the causes of air pollution because of vehicular emissions every vehicle owners has a lot to play his role.

If he adopts the above precautionary measures it is confirmed that air pollution will be controlled to great extent. The only need is just to communicate these measures to all your friends and colleagues.

No, it does not require a lengthy process. You can start it just now. Just copy these precautionary measures from here and share them on social media, send them through email or send them with your cell to all the saved numbers.

The second most important of the causes of air pollution is chimney of industry. Here government, industries and communities have to play a role for the mitigation of industrial air pollution.

  • Government should strictly enforce pollution control laws to bind industries not to emit gases more than allowable limits.
  • Industries should prove themselves as responsible corporate entities and follow environmental management plan in their manufacturing process.
  • Communities should raise voice against every act of polluting by industries and pressurize them to control pollution at the source.

So together we can control various causes of air pollution. For this purpose green awakening in communities is must. So let’s share this post as broadly as possible to communicate its message to a wider level of audience.

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