How to make people know about environment with Google+?

Majority of people have misperception about environment and its protection. They think it is the job of the government and environmental organizations to ensure its safety. This is absolutely a wrong approach.

It is the collective responsibility of all people, governments, organizations and businesses to keep our planet Earth safe for living. For this purpose they have to change their views about environment and its safety.

Government is bound by law to ensure clean and pollution-free environment to people. Green organizations are also established to deter pollution and promote green living.

It is only people who don’t have much clear concepts about environment and just think it as if they have nothing to do with it. They need to be made aware on what is the importance of clean environment for them and their coming generations.

But the question is who will make them aware. Obviously government in every part of the world does not have that many resources to make aware all people living under its jurisdiction. So the people who already know a lot about environment should help government by sharing their knowledge with others to make them go green.

Environmental organizations are doing their job everywhere so actively. But they alone also can’t do this job to convey green message to everyone. For this purpose people already environmentally aware people have to stand up and join green forces for raising environmental awareness.

about environmentIt is also unwise to suggest that all the people who know about environment spare sometime daily, weekly or monthly to communicate the message of environmental care to those who don’t know about it.

They should contribute in this noble cause in a way without affecting their main responsibilities like doing job, business or household chores and social activities.

Online environmental awareness

For this purpose sharing information about environment online is the easiest way. It will neither disturb the daily routine of a person nor has he to spare time for it. Mostly environmentally aware people use internet also and usually are online daily. Many of them do have their social media accounts as well.

So they can convey the green message to people connected with them through social media. Earlier I have told you how to convey green message to people with the help of:

How to share info about environment with G+?

In this post I will tell how you can promote green living with Google+. This is one of the fastest growing social media that is run by Google itself – the giant of internet. Its most of the functions are so easy to use and you can easily do green awakening with it.

How to create a G+ Account?

To create a G+ account you need to first have a Gmail account. Just sign it up and fill the required information. Once you create your Gmail account your G+ account will be created with simply clicking on your name at the top right side of dashboard of your account. Now you are at your G+ account.

At the top of extreme left you see Home button and on putting your cursor at it you will see the drop down menu. Click on Profile and upload your picture, your contact details and that is done. Now you can work at your G+ account.

Add people as your G+ friends

Just keep adding people by checking their profile to confirm if they have the same interests as you have and you know them. After adding those into your friends circle then add their friends also with their reference. So you have a huge number of friends at your G+ account.

You can also create categories of your friends circle as “personal friends”, “official friends”, “college friends” etc. This option is also available in the drop down menu which you see on putting your cursor at the Add button at any of G+ account holder who you want to make your friend.

G+ Communities

You can also join different communities related to environment sector. There are hundreds of communities at G+ on different environmental topics with thousands of numbers in each of them.

From there you can get new and latest information to share it with your friends. For sharing this you simply need to hit the button of reshare that is displayed at each shared posts at your timeline.

In addition to this you can also share your own knowledge about environment either it is a news, latest discovery, things-to-do, harms of pollution, images, quotes and any other info related to environment. In this way you can easily play your role as a responsible citizen to make people aware on environment.

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