How to promote green living with Pinterest?

Environmental pollution
has hit the whole world. Everywhere we see its visible impacts. The fast way of living has robbed the real pleasure of human being. Everyone is almost running after more instead of enjoying his life.

On roads cars are moving fast, in homes music is being played loudly, in factories machines are emitting smokes and sounds, in agriculture fields crops are forcibly grown rapidly to meet the never-ending and ever-rising needs of people.

As a result inventions are made to do every type of work fast and with the aim to produce more in lesser time.

Impacts of mechanical way of living

So life has become mechanical. Electronic gadgets have replaced the real happiness of life. Everyone is complaining of shortage of time. Things-to-do are unlimited and time to do them is limited.

Despite miraculous inventions, technology could not have added one more hour into 24 hours of day and night. But no one is aware of the inborn deficiency of human being that no one can compete with nature.

You and I are fully aware of the disastrous effects of fast way of living. Rising use of machines has polluted the whole world. They are run on fuel that is created with the burning of fossil fuel.

Pollution is rising everywhere

green livingSo air pollution is obvious as its nasty outcome. Industries manufacture products and release effluent that creates water pollution. Vehicles help people to cover long distances in short time but equally create air pollution.

People eat when they are happy, they eat when they are sad, they eat when they are alone, they eat when they are with friends, they eat when they are with family, they eat when someone gets married, they eat when a child is born and they eat when someone dies.

We made eating food the expression of our every type of feeling. So rising eating habits boost consumerism. People buy more than their needs and waste the things half consumed, its packaging, its wrappers and its shopping bags. As a result problem of solid waste is natural that means land pollution.

How to promote green living?

So the need is to promote green living. You are right who has that much time to keep telling the people harms of fast way of living and benefits of green living. No one has extra free time.

But here technology can be exploited to promote green living. With the help of social media you can promote green living quite easily. For this purpose you need neither to spend a dime nor to spare time separately.

I already told you how to do green awakening with:

Promote green living with Pinterest

In this post I will tell you how to promote green living with Pinterest. Yes you heard me right it is one of the fastest growing social media. It stands at number four after the above three social media all around the world.

This is famous for its photo-sharing feature. Any type of image can prominently be shared at it. So you simply need to search images telling the benefits of green living and share them at Pinterest with your friends over there.

You need not to buy any special service for promoting green living at it. You simply need to sign-up at Pinterest by submitting your necessary details and it is done. Afterwards you can share anything you think will help people know the benefits of going green.

You need to grow your friends circle by following more and more people there. Just check the profile of a user if she is interested in green way of living and follow her.

Most of your following follow you in return as it is a common social media ethics. Then you can promote green living by sharing images, quotes, articles telling the benefits of green lifestyle to a higher number of people.

So what you are thinking. If you already have a Pinterest account just start sharing from now or create the account right now to contribute for a green cause.

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