How to support environmental protection with Stumble Upon?

Environmental protection is must for our and our children’s safety. If it is not done this world will be more unsafe because of threats to its environment. We need to think collectively to keep our planet Earth fully protected from all types of hazards.

Who to do environmental protection?

We need to take action against environmental pollution. This is not the responsibility of our governments only to ensure better environment around the world. We as people do have our role to play for the cause of our health and safety from all types of threats.


Our every act to go green

environmental protectionOur every action should ultimately aim to promote green way of living.

  • We must use our resources with care.
  • We must not waste water.
  • We must use electricity without wasting it.
  • We must use everything which we need to its maximum level and avoid generating waste.

Need of behavioral changes

So we need to bring behavioral changes in us with regard to environmental protection. Our every action must not be supporting any kind of pollution. We should not work for the green care only individually. One and one does not make two in a noble cause. It does make eleven if two persons stand together for the greater good of this world and the humanity.

Individual and collective actions are required

So it is must to work both collectively and individually for the cause of environmental protection. As an individual our every act should be in accordance with green way of living. As a community we need to support every action around us that aims to keep this world green and clean.

Stay connected to protect environment

Without proper connectivity we cannot work together for the green cause. Physically we can’t keep in touch with the people around us. We can’t meet the people living around us on regular basis. Everyone has his own life and he wants to spend it freely. So it will be burden if I advise you keep in touch with your neighbors, friends, colleagues and relatives to keep promoting green.

The best way to stay connected is online

So the best way to stay connected with each other for the green cause is to be with your community online, I mean through internet. On internet there are a lot of online groups, social media and networking sites where people can stay connected without moving somewhere. They need not to pay for this purpose because almost all of these places are free. One can register in them freely.

I earlier told you how to do green awakening with:

How to do green awakening with Stumble Upon?

In this post I will tell you how to support every act of environmental protection with Stumble Upon. It is one of the oldest social media and once it was most popular when Facebook was just started. So the most mature communities can be found on it.

You simply need to register at it and then keep sharing  your views with people around it. First of all you need to read more and more contents related to green care. There is huge number of contents available at it. You simply put any related word like “environment”, “climate change”, “go green” etc in its search window and you will find hundreds of latest news, articles, features and interviews that were shared by others.

You need to read your favorite contents related to green care, appreciate them in their comments section and also add the people in your friends circle over there who share green contents there. So you will have good number of people as your online friends.

You can also search the people there who are your offline friends, community members, colleagues and relatives to add them in your friends’ network. With a little effort you will have a huge number of friends on Stumble Upon.

Once you start sharing your views, the posts you read, the images you enjoy at it more people will love your sharing and follow you. You simply have to share everything you find useful to make aware people on how to make our world a safer place to live.

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