What is Tumblr and how to promote green living with it?

Once one of my clients asked me this question that what is Tumblr and how one can do green awakening with it.

Actually many people take it as an online tool which one can get after paying a subscription fees. This is the big misconception attached with it. You need not to pay a dime and can use it to expand your voice for environmental care.

What is Tumblr?

It is an online sharing platform where you can share your views and images on any topic to promote your message. You can share at it:

  • Your views in text format
  • Images
  • Links of the posts published at other websites and blogs

Being an environmental activist I will tell you in this post how you can promote green living with it to make people live a simple life and don’t pollute.

So it is clear now:

Tumblr is a free platform where you can build your own blog for free and share your views, opinions and images on your favorite topic.

Whatever you share on it never disappears and you can update your sharing to keep it floating in your network of friends.

So following are the steps to create your account at Tumblr and then promote green living on it.

what is TumblrStep one: Register

It is as easy as ABC. Simply write www.tumblr.com in your browser and you will get the sign-up page. Put your name, your email and set a password to open your personal account at it.

Step two: Confirm registration

Once you fill the online registration form you will get a link in your inbox to click on it and confirm your registration. So click on it and you will arrive on your profile page at Tumblr.

Step three: Complete Profile

At your profile page upload your image and put other details about you to let others know who you are.

Step four: Create URL of your blog

It asks you to set the name of your blog which will be shown as www.tumblr.com/yourblogname. So pick the name that reflects your cause. To promote green living you can name it like www.tumblr.com/greenlivingtips or www.tumblr.com/greenlivingmethods.

Just look at the home page of my Tumblr here.

Step five: Upload your first post

Now the main functioning of promoting green living begins. Just keep sharing tips and tricks to go green

and be happy. These tips may be your own or the one you read at different blogs and online publications.

Your purpose is to promote green and not to own your contents so you can share your own and others contents freely without fearing any copyright issue

Who read your sharing?

This is important question that how people come to know what you have shared and who will visit your Tumblr blog. Here again follow these three steps to communicate your message to a wider level of audience.

Step one: Share at social media

After uploading your contents at your Tumblr blog share them at social media to invite your friends read and take benefit of them.

Step two: Invite your friends to visit you Tumblr blog

You do have a lot of offline friends and relatives. Invite them to visit and follow your Tumblr blog and read your posts.

Step three: Follow other Tumblr blogs

In search option at Tumblr write the word green living and you will get a list of green living blogs registered at it. Follow maximum of them and you will receive their latest updates at your timeline. Read their sharing, like them and comment on them.

In return they will also do the same and you will have an initial base of your followers. After that, follow their followers to make them notice you and your wonderful sharing. Most of them will follow you in return and their numbers will keep rising if you keep sharing wonderful tips and tricks for green living.

So, this is all about what is Tumblr and how you to promote green living with it. Do you already have a Tumblr account or planning to create the one? Do share your views in comment section below.

I hope you will also reshare this post to let others know what is Tumblr and how to promote green living with it.

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