How to create a website of an EPA or a green NGO?

It is must to create a website if an organization or a company wants to promote its cause, services or products just with a click of mouse.

For this purpose commercial giants mostly have their own website where they tell people about their history, products, services, contact details and management.

So people easily get information about a company by visiting its website. They need not to visit the office of the company for this purpose.

But many NGOs especially green ones have yet to create a website to let people know about themselves. In most of the backward world even their environmental protection agency doesn’t have a website.

Take the example of Pakistan, a South Asian nuclear power. Out of its total six environmental protection agencies only three have their own websites while rest are still working in offline world.

Many people don’t know that to create a website of basic level now one needs not to spend big money. One can easily create the one even on do-it-yourself basis at any free website platform. But better option is to buy the hosting and domain and to build your own website with a few click of the mouse.

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So the main step is to buy the hosting and domain. But first let me clear what is hosting and domain.


What is hosting?

create a websiteHosting means your rented space in online world. For that you pay monthly or annual charges to main leaser of the online space that sells it in small chunks to those who want to create a website on it. Its per month rent is usually from $5 to $15 maximum depending upon the quality of the hosting company.

What is domain?

Domain is your website address to find it in huge online space where millions of websites are already there. To search a website a person simply needs to write the domain in search window of any browser like Chrome, Explore or Mozilla. In a few second he gets his required website on top of the search page.

A domain begins with www that stands for worldwide web. It ends mostly with dot-com and there are also several other extensions like dot org which means a website of an organization, dot net that means a website for networking and dot edu that means a website of an educational institution.

If a domain ends with the abbreviation of a country it means it pertains to that country like a website ending with dot US means it is of USA.

Between www and dot-com the phrase usually you select to reflect your website. For example a website of Pakistan’s EPA can be So the phrase epa is domain name.

To buy the domain and hosting you simply have to search a high quality hosting company. In my point of view the best hosting company is HostGator. This blog is also on it.

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After making payment for one month or one year rent you simply have to wait awhile and you receive an email with login details.

After logging into hosting company you can build your website step by step by asking its online customer care desk how to create a website.

In admin panel of HostGator where you have access being its client you can find several software to build your website. It also offers the option of WordPress to create a website without any help.

I would guide you how to build your website with WordPress and get as much help as possible from customer care people to complete the process of building a website without any help.

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