Should we blindly do fund raising for any green cause?

There are two sides of environmental care. One is called legal side that means to take action against those who harm or try to harm our environment. The other side is called awareness that means to let people know how to avoid harming their environment.

Pollution control

The legal side of environment care is the sole responsibility of the government. For better environmental care a government should:

  • Do extensive legislation to frame strict laws and rules to protect our environment
  • Forcefully execute the green laws to never let anyone harm our beautiful environment
  • Keep motivating all to fully abide by green laws.

Government can do the above tasks with a workforce especially hired for this purpose. This workforce is posted in an environmental protection agency of a country and it is assigned to do the above tasks.

Environmental awareness

The other side of the environmental care is awareness that is the responsibility of everyone including individuals and organizations.


Government should support all those who work for the cause of raising public awareness to take care of their environment.

fund raisingAll non-government organizations, charity organizations, businesses, educational institutions, media, communities and groups of people should act as and when they have chance to:

  • Let others know why a clean environment is must for all
  • Tell others how to protect their surrounding environment
  • Educate them how to go green and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Inform them how to make complain of a polluter

In short whoever has knowledge about any kind of environmental care or any other info that highlights the significance of better environment must communicate to others.

Fund raising for awareness activities

But the task of raising awareness can’t be done in an informal and volunteer way individually where people just dutifully keep telling others about the benefit of safe environment.

For this purpose collective efforts must be taken by organizations, businesses and institutions. But the question is if someone wants to organize a seminar on environmental care, who will pay for its expenses.

Is it possible to get fee from those invitees who are just invited to raise their awareness. Obviously if they have to pay it is more likely they will not come up.

So the best option is to do fund raising for organizing any event for environmental care. So people will happily attend an event where they have not to pay any fee.

Criterion for fund raising

In every country there is an eligibility criterion to do fund raising. Mostly a fund raiser should be registered in a government authority and must submit the details of funds raised and where they were utilized.

But the bigger issue is who can be contacted to get funds from them for environmental awareness. This is a sensitive issue and a fund raiser must not compromise on it.

Don’t get funds from a polluter

So to get donations for doing any environmental awareness activities one must check if the donor itself is fully following environmental laws. If it is a polluter he should not accept its donations because such donor needs to first act itself for the cause of environmental care then sponsor green activities.

It is wise to get the list of polluters or violators of environmental laws from your environmental protection agency to avoid receiving donations from them.

If someone does receive donations for environmental awareness from polluters no one would pay heed to a message for green care that was sponsored by a polluter.

So every organization must take care while fund raising for any green cause and just get the donations from those who are already fully following the environmental laws and are environmentally responsible entities.

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