Why we don’t want to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Nothing is useless in this world. It is the procrastination that forces people to discard a thing after the full use of its basic utility only. Surprised? Read below what I mean to say this.

Actually everything has secondary utilities also. But people just use its basic utility and don’t want to think or do a little innovation to reuse it.

Maybe you contend with me by saying everywhere the slogan of reuse, reduce and recycle is being propagated to make people follow it. But actually it is being done at a very small level.

Just tell me very honestly out of total population of the world how much follows the rule of reuse, reduce and recycle to avoid generating solid waste and depleting our precious natural resources.

Price versus value

In every society worth of the thing is taken in terms of money. People just see how much was the price of the thing which they are now throwing away. If it was costly they try to reuse it. If it was cheaper they throw it away without a second thought.


reuse, reduce and recycleThis is an irrational approach and may lead you to blind alley once you don’t have a clean piece of land to spend your life peacefully. May be it happens to you or your coming generation but it will happen if people keep caring a damn to lessen the burden of garbage on our land.

Money has nothing to do with value. This is the materialistic way of thinking that set the value in terms of money. Sunlight is fee everywhere. Does it mean it is valueless? Can anyone generate sunlight with a source other than the natural one? Even all scientists collectively can never produce a thing just like a natural thing.

Water is not more a free good

Despite of the invaluableness of so many natural resources most of them are priceless or you can say free. But did you notice out of three most important natural resources sunlight, air and water now only two are free while the third one is mostly available on prices.

Yes this is water which is now no more available free in most parts of the world. Even in most of the conflicts around the world water is the main reason of contention.

Because of the lack of care human beings have turned its abundance into shortage. Alas! a natural resource has now become an economic good. We need to be afraid of the day when we have to pay for enjoying under sunlight or for breathing the air.

This all is happening because we take everything in terms of price and not of its value. We are materialistic by nature because of keeping pace with fast happening development all around the world. That is why we are just wasting the low price and higher value things.

Wake up before it’s too late

Things will keep worsening unless we change our mindset with regard to the value and price of a thing. If a thing is of low price it does not mean it is valueless.

On the other hand a very costly thing may have not value for the well-being of whole humanity. What are the direct health benefits of a costly diamond? Just give its answer to yourself.

So we need to make our habit to keep reusing the things unless it is fully used and its both basic and secondary utilities are finished. The basic utility of a tee shirt is to wear it and its secondary utility is to use it as mop or cleaning rug.

Urgent need of reuse, reduce and recycle

So we need to keep exploring ways and means to reuse, reduce and recycle in every act of our life. We need to follow creative thinking while doing this.

Just take the example of tissue paper. How sophisticatedly we use it slightly and then throw it away. Why don’t we take it for a while in our hand to absorb into it our perspiration second time and then throw it? We fear that people will laugh at us if we reuse a tissue paper.

It means it is our reluctance, procrastination and materialism that stops us using the things to their maximum use. If we think about our kids we will easily shun these bottlenecks and keep reusing the things around us to their maximum utility. Just think about it.

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