100 unique tips to go green easily in every act of your life

People mostly take tips to go green so difficult, time-consuming and a little costly as well. It is absolutely wrong. Going green is natural way of living and it is less time-consuming and helps save a lot of money as well.

In this post I will tell you that with a little care you can take care of your environment and adopt green living. You neither need to give extra time for this nor to spend any money.

Just a little care and that’s all. So read them below, enjoy your life and go green.

Tips to go green at home

An average person uses almost 60 per cent time of the whole day at his home. But he does nearly 90 per cent of his total consumption at home. So it is more important to go green at home while doing every kind of chore.

In bed room

1. If you are not doing anything, switch of big lights and use the small watt light just to get the things visible and save electricity

2. Clean the bed sheet before lying on it to make it usable for longer period of time before washing it and save water

3. Open the window to get the fresh air for least using the air conditioner in normal weather

4. Do the dusting well before going to bed to let the air be fresh to inhale it while sleeping

5. Wear very comfortable dress to sleep according to weather conditions and don’t use electronic appliances to stay safe from general impacts of weather variations while sleeping

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In kitchen

6. Keep the water tap smoothly functioning to put it free from any dripping

7. Instead of exhaust fan install two windows in kitchen; one to let the air comes in and second to get the air go out

8. Place the frequently usable kitchen items to your direct access for least using fancy kitchen items to make their service life longer

9. Wash the kitchen pots and other usable items in one go to save water

10. Try your best to do composting with kitchen waste

tips to go green
In wash room

11. Install very convenient buttons on taps to frequently on and off them to use them when you need water and put off them while doing any other chore

12. Put a window with blind in wash room at the top side of the wall to maintain privacy and let the natural light come in

13. Do wiper after using the wash room to clean the water that may hurt the strength of floor while standing on it

14. For shaving, take the water in mug to dip the razor into it for cleaning instead of using water again and again from the tap

15. Use flush once after relieving and save water instead of using it again and again

In lawn

16. Install a light in lawn at the center with its face open to everywhere in the law to avoid using more bulbs for lightening

17. Put the used chairs of drawing-room in the lawn to use it and avoid generating waste or scrap

18. Never walk on grass with shoes and even barefooted, walk carefully without hurting the grass

19. Segregate lawn waste from the rest of the home’s waste to use it for composting

20. Put a small earthen pot in lawn filled with water to let birds drink it

In TV lounge

21. Keep the sitting chairs away from TV to avoid receiving its rays directly

22. Open the outer doors of the lounge before switching on TV

23. Keep the volume normal to hear perfectly and avoid creating noise

24. Switch off the TV if you keep roaming the channel that shows you don’t like to watch any channel

25. Switch off the main power of the TV and don’t rely on just off button of remote only that does not fully put it off

tips to go greenTips to go green at work

The second biggest time slot we spend in our life is at our workplace and before that in our educational institution. So do take care while using resources there also.

While commuting

26. Reach the bus stop on time to get your desired conveyance conveniently and be free from any hustle and bustle at the start of your day

27. Note down the timing of the public transport that takes you to your destination to avoid wasting time while waiting for it

28. Never litter in bus and try not consuming any food while travelling for small distances for not generating waste

29. Give space to fellow passengers on your seat if you think they can sit with you comfortably

30. Don’t make haste in any chore while commuting

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While working

31. After reaching office do the starting chores first before switching on your PC or laptop and work on it instantly after opening it and save energy

32. Put all the things on your table in order to get them as and when you need them and try not to create mess

33. Switch on only that light which you need and rest of the lights open to comfort the visitors as and when they get into your office

34. Try to do the computer work in one-go for not keeping it idle and save energy

35. Keep the dustbin closer to put every waste in it quite easily

In a meeting

36. Talk with your fellow on go green lightly till the meeting gets into motion formally

37. Avoid drawing lines and sketches on paper if the meeting is boring and save paper resources

38. Put the water into the glass from the bottle as much as you want to drink for not wasting water

39. Take the notes on both sides of the paper to save resources

40. Take mouth freshening toffee if you really need it and avoid taking it just to pass the time

Dealing with stationery

41. Make the daily targets which stationery you must use and which you don’t need much and save the resources

42. Put the used stationery separate to pick from them for your rough use

43. Send the fully used and unwanted stationery to scrap section for its resell and then recycling

44. Use ink pen with a filler to use it for longer time instead of frequently discarding the ball pen that has normally short service life

45. In short use every item of stationery with the aim in mind to fully use it before throwing

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In canteen

46. Sit together with colleagues to take your lunch jointly to enjoy diversity in food

47. Try to eat the food completely and don’t leave something in the plate

48. Drink water before taking your lunch to consume less food and stay healthy

49. Eat slowly and don’t drop the food particles that ultimately go waste

50. Pack up your lunch box after maximum cleaning it as anything left into it may give smell after sometime

Tips to go green on road

The third biggest slot we spend in our life while commuting from home to office or educational institution. So we must take care of our environment while being on road as well to go green and save our planet Earth

While driving

51. Fully check your car before starting it especially its radiator, back mirror, switches etc to drive it safely

52. Get your car regularly tuned-up and keep its engine in good condition

53. Never use cell phone while driving as it is prohibited by traffic laws and also makes you save energy

54. Drive with medium speed and stay safe

55. Keep the balancing of vehicles that helps you consume less fuel

While travelling

56. Either you travel in your own car or in public transport your dress should be so comfortable to fully enjoy it

57. Drink water before travelling so you don’t feel thirst in bus and have to buy bottle water

58. Take your other family members also if you travel in your own car as it takes the same amount of fuel either one person sits in it or more than one.

59. First try not consuming anything while travelling short distance and if you have to consume then never throw its packet or wrapper from the window of your car and keep it with you to throw into a dustbin after getting down

60. Being a passenger listen music with headphone and never disturb others

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While waiting

61. At bus stop stand in queue for your turn and try to create a congenial environment there

62. While waiting in a seated bus stop read any book or magazine to pass the time instead of just wasting it

63. Never throw the used ticket of bus anywhere and keep it in pocket till you find a dustbin

64. Talk people about cleanliness, happiness and green living to create awareness

65. Help elderly people to get into the bus

tips to go greenWhile walking

66. Change the ways, if there are more than one, from home to bus stop for avoiding boredom

67. If you have time walk on feet to next bus stop to burn your calories and find the seat in it earlier than your fellow commuters

68. Try to walk together with others who commute daily to never feel stress while walking alone

69. Exchange pleasantries with who you know and meet while walking to share your positivity with them

70. Keep your pace consistent neither too fast nor too slow and make it an enjoyable chore

While sitting

71. Sit comfortably on a seat at bus stop or in the bus but never try someone could not sit beside you

72. Just put the hand once at the top of the seat to check if some rough stuff is there

73. Open the window if sitting beside it and do check if its opening bothers the other fellow commuters

74. Don’t make the back seat in slope if the seat behind yours is quite closer to avoid discomforting the person sitting behind you

75. Talk with the person sitting beside you purposefully and do refer the benefits of going green in your conversation without any preaching style

Tips to go green in a party

After doing job, staying at home and travelling the next largest slot of time in our life we spend while meeting with other people.

It may be a family get together, wedding ceremony or office party or disco or something like that. So we should take care of environment while being in a party as well.

While joining

76. Arrive at the party on time; otherwise all its lights and electronic appliances will be running useless.

77. Greet the people very lovingly to start the party with positive energy

78. Don’t be crazy while dressing up and do take care of the norms of your society to join a party

79. Try to make new friends and make your social life more pleasant

80. Take the welcome drink if you really need otherwise regret very politely

While eating

81. Eat whatever you want to eat but never waste

82. Never leave anything in the plate uneaten

83. In a buffet try to take minimum from each dish to taste maximum dishes without wasting any food

84. Put the food in your plate in piecemeal and chew the food fully before swallowing it

85. Try to eat those dishes that you don’t eat in normal days to fully enjoy the party

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While meeting with people

86. If a meeting is official never forget to exchange visiting cards with people

87. If meeting is of family least talk about politics or official matters that may bore people and they eat more food to avoid boredom and waste resources

88. Never be bossy with attendants and waiters and be patient till they bring your required thing

89. Try to mix with people instead of be alone and give a bad impression of your personality

90. Neither be cheesy with people nor so reserve, adopt a normal way

While enjoying

91. Do whatever you want to do but never disturb anyone

92. Do follow your social norms and never try to cross them as it may create adversity there

93. Listen music and don’t insist unnecessarily for your favorite numbers

94. Tell the host what is reasonable level of volume to let all enjoy and it also remains noise free

95. If someone don’t like to dance with you don’t insist and allow full liberty to everyone

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96. Try to tag a sapling with your main gift to make it unique

97. Put the gift in minimum wrappers

98. Give the gift at its proper time to the one for whom you have bought it

99. Write your message on the gift to tell that gift is just a source to express your wishes for the receiver

100. Gift should be environment friendly and not be made of any harmful stuff

So these are the four occasions or activities where we spend most of the time of our life. If you cover them fully to go green one day our planet would be quite a safer place to live and enjoy our life.

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