How to share about environment thru a guest post?

Being an environmental friendly person our effort should be to share more and more about environment with other people.

We need to tell people how our environment is under persistent threat of rising pollution everywhere.

We should also tell people how to go green and make this world a safer place to live.

It is also our duty being a lover of green to tell people how to point out every act of polluting going on around them.

It is also good to let people know how to control all types of pollution by bringing change in their daily life activities.

In short we need to share everything about environment that helps people to learn how to become environment friendly and make our planet earth a better place to live.

We all know that it is the only planet we have to live and if we don’t take care of it ultimately we will be doomed to finish.

How to share about environment with people?

about environment

So the question is how to share about environment with people. Its simple answer is that with every medium we can use to do this noble cause.

But being a common person it is not possible for each of us to go to mass media to convey the green message to large number of people.

If we do this individually from person to person it is good but it will take much time to share about environment with large number of people.

We should keep informing people about all aspects of environment and what we can do to save our ever-degrading environment. But it will not serve the purpose at a large-scale.

Work smart to raise environmental awareness

So we need to work smartly for this purpose. We need to pick a medium that can help us send our message to a broader level. It can send our message to thousands of people if not millions.

If we try to publish our message in print media they will simply cover our point of view very narrowly in their Letters section because everyone is not celebrity or famous person to get prominent place anywhere in a newspaper.

The other option is to issue an advertisement to newspapers reminding people what they should do to protect their surrounding environment.

Here again the question of affordability arises. No one has that much financial resource to issue an advertisement on payment. An individual can never do this because every person has his own financial obligations both personal and of his family.

Also this is the job of environmental organizations to issue advertisements on environmental awareness and not of the individuals.

So individuals should search mediums that can help them send their message to a broader level and neither charge money nor cover their message narrowly.

Online resources are the best

For this purpose we should be thankful to internet where there are several mediums available to raise environmental awareness by doing a little effort.

Earlier I have told you how to do green awakening by sharing these posts:

In this post I will tell you how to share about environment with a guest post.

What is guest post?

A guest post is an article you write on a blog or website run by an organization or an individual.

Most of the blogs accept guest post because they don’t have to pay for it. They just publish your post mentioning your name and your social media details to make their readers connect with you.

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To search the blogs which accepts guest posts you simply need to search in Google the “list of blogs that accept guest posts”.

Once you get the list just point out which one are blogs on environment, politicians and social issues. Such blogs cover the posts on environmental topics.

How to publish a guest post?

Every blog display their guest post acceptance terms and condition in its menu bar just below or above the header with mostly a title of “write for us”, “work for us” or “guest post”. So click on it and check their requirements of publishing your guest post.

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After that, write a guest post sharing about environment with people. It may be about environment of your area or about any information related to it.

After writing the post, edit it to make free from all types of errors including related to grammar and authenticity of information also.

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Remember blogs don’t accept a guest post with mistakes of both information and language. So do take care of this fact while writing a guest post.

How to submit the guest post?

Finally send the guest post at the email given in the guest post section of the blog or through another page mostly available at most of the blog as “Contact Us” or “Contact Me’.

Once your guest post is published share it at social media with your friends and colleagues to make more people read what you have shared about environment in it.

I am sure you have now fully understood how to write a guest post about any topic of environment to share it with a large number of people without paying a dime. In this way we can do green awakening to make people act for the safety of their surrounding environment.

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