Natural Remedies for Children’s Fever

Fever is not illness. It is way of handling bacteria and viruses in your body. We usually get panicky if we kids suffer from fever. So instead of worrying we need to first monitor it and then decide what to do.

There are certain levels of fever which can be treated naturally. In case of intense fever it is better to call the doctor.

Also it depends upon age of your child. If your baby is less than a year so never waste a minute to take her to the doctor if fever crosses 102 degree.

If it touches 104 it means you need to rush to the doctor without any delay. But in that case also there is no need to worry. Care is done just because immune system of a baby is in growing phase. That is why not good to take any kind of risk. Doctor can treat fever of babies better than us.

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Yes if your child is above one year then you can treat her fever naturally even if it touches 104 degree. It can be treated by both external and internal applications.


natural remediesNatural remedies for internal applications work well for kids above 3 years. They can take the natural medicine without vomiting them. Most of natural remedies are not hard in nature. These are various herbs, fruits and juices.

1. Herbal tea

If it is winter and your kid suffer from fever she may also suffer from cold and cough. So before her ailment expands give her any high quality herbal tea in little amount. Not a big mug; just a small cup. Make her take the tea in small sip. This is one of the effective natural remedies in winter.

2. Seasonal fruits

Fresh fruits or their natural juice is also another natural way of controlling the fever of your kid. Again fever is not ailment it is a symptom that body of the kid is fighting a bacteria or virus inside. So strengthen the immune system of the body of your kid with natural energizers.

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3. Lukewarm water

Keep your kid hydrated if it suffers from fever. Water dehydration is dangerous normally but in fever it can also bring migraine or headache. So never let your kid avoid drinking water in her indisposition and keep her water intake regular


4. Bath

If you kid is above 5 years, bathe her with lukewarm water. But never let it be outside home soon after taking bath. If it is winter stay him in cozy environment.

5. Wet towel on forehead

This is centuries old method to control fever. If fever keeps rising the best way is to put wet piece of tower on forehead of the sick. In moments it can be controlled. But it should not be applied on baby below one year.

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6. Least clothing

Minimum of clothing is also another natural way to control fever of your kids. Only a short and easy upper is enough to lower down the temperature of her body.

Once again never over-experiment while treating naturally the fever of your kid. If temperature persists at high level it is better to take your kid to the doctor.

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