How to become a successful environmental journalist?

There is no decline in the demand of environmental journalists all over the world. You might be taking it just a rhetoric as you might be seeing so many journalists working in environmental reporting but getting not so big return.

I am not talking of simply environmental journalists. I am talking of those who first understand what environment is and then join this field as a passionate professional.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not talking bookish. This field does require passion and that too deep down to the bottom of an ocean.

If someone does not have passion for it so he can be nothing but just another environmental reporter but will not become the success icon of his field.

environmental journalistDon’t worry you need not to do any kind of rocket science to become a passionate environmental journalist. You simply have to do your own extensive assessment to know if you really have interest in environment and then decide if you should join it or not.

How to know your love for environment?

Some environmental habits in people are developed with their upbringing from home. Some other at their school and then the main habits they develop by observing around them.

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The last point is important because no one observes the environment around him if he does not have love for it. So this is the love for environment that makes a person look around him to see what is going on to his environment?

  • Are the trees in his area are being regular planted and being looked after.
  • Is there a proper garbage collection system in his city?
  • Are dustbins are installed at public places to help people avoid littering?
  • Are people around him take care of their surrounding environment?

These and many other questions come into the mind of a person who really cares environment. If everything is not going great with regard to his surrounding environment so he raises voice against the wrongdoings. If everything is going right so he fully supports the responsible people to continue such an efficient system.

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So this is the first point you need to check in you if you really have a little or more love for your environment. I am not saying that one needs to be an environmental activist or green lover to become a green journalist. Just a little element of care one must have with regard to Nature and he can become an environmental reporter.

Again I am saying if you don’t love thinking, talking and knowing about the environment and other issues related to it so you should search another field for you that may be your perfect cup of tea.

Steps to become an environmental reporter

Secondly if you really have a little interest in environment and nature then you need to grow habit of reading about environment. That does not mean you simply read books over books about it. You simply read whatever is interesting for you.

  • It may be news of environmental violation in your area newspaper.
  • It may be a TV talk show on importance of marine environment for seafood industry.
  • It may be a feature on green buildings and sustainable future>

In short read whatever is interesting for you and don’t take it formal. If you do it means you don’t have interest in environment and just reading to become another environmental journalist.

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Once you develop much understanding of environment and its related issues then you decide which specific field of journalism you need to join to become a green journalist.

  • If you love field work and writing both, then reporting is best for you.
  • If you love to read and write and never get bored then feature writing is an excellent job.
  • If you don’t like to write and simply love images then Nature photography is the best option for you
  • If you like running images then obviously green reporting in TV is a good choice for you

So after fully knowing if you really have interest in environment and then picking the best sub field of journalism from the above list now you have all the necessary research to join the field of environmental journalism formally.

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For working journalists

If you are already related to the field of journalism then you simply have to know the level of your interest in environment and request your news editor to assign you for covering the environment beat as well. If he refuses then you simply start freelance work in any other print or web paper to show people how passionate you are in your field.

For media students

If you are a student and more particularly journalism student then you simply keep reading and researching more and more about environment and Nature to develop your strong knowledge base of your would-be profession. Once you join any media after completing your education you will not face any problem to become a successful green journalist.

Do remember if you are really interested in this field you have to work hard and on low wages just for a few years in the beginning.

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After that, huge environmental and general publications of both print and web media will hire you on higher wages. Just you have to prove with your work how much deserving you are for the higher wages.

But again I would say if you do all that for higher wages then it is unlikely you get them. Your main point of joining this field must be your passion for it and not the money. Once you start the work which you really love, the money will itself come in as soon as you prove your authority in it.

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