Sea pollution is being generated officially in Pakistan

I received the below picture from one of the awesome readers of this blog. He lives along the residential area of the seaside of Karachi Pakistan.

He sent me this picture with the information that he has already sent it to all the relevant authorities who are supposed to protect the sea there.

The tanker in this pictures shows it belongs to Karachi Water And Sewerage Board the sole authority to supply water and dispose of drainage of the whole city with its total employees in thousands of technical and non-technical cadres.

What causes sea pollution in Karachi?

According to rough estimates the total civic and industrial wastewater that is generated daily from the city is between 900 million gallons to 1300 million gallons. Out of it approximately 200 million gallons is treated for reuse while rest of the 700 million gallons to 1100 million gallons is directly dumped into the sea through Malir and Lyari River.

Six big industrial zones are situated in Karachi with the total number of 10,000 small and big industries. Total housing units are three million in this city of 20 million people as being the seventh biggest city of the world.

Industries pass the buck

Almost 95 per cent industries of the city do not have their own in-house treatment setup. They unabashedly ask government to install a combined effluent treatment plant for them. The government on the other hand has already ridden with multitude of more serious problems of other nature cannot allocate funds to help industries treat their effluent before release.

KWSBThe demand of industries for the financial assistance from the government to treat their wastewater is a laughing-stock for the rest of the world where every individual and collective unit itself is responsible for all its good and bad deeds. This demand is just like the desire of a person who wants someone else comes into this home daily to do the cleanliness free of cost.

Who cares?

No one cares that more than 80 per cent civic and industrial wastewater and effluent is being released directly into the sea. This has been going on since the beginning when Pakistan came into being in 1947 and a few hundred factories were directly releasing their effluent into the sea at that time.

But now thanks to steep rise in population of the city and fast pace unplanned development that a few hundred factories now reached the mark of ten thousand approximately.

Since then people are so much habitual of polluted seashore and take it as normal as the clean and pollution-free sea they see only in movies and it is a common opinion that most of the things in films are not real.

So one can understand how is the mental condition of the people of this country who treat the polluted sea quite normal and enjoy at seaside by taking it as one of the best picnic resorts.

Genocide of merit

Governance at civic level has also been always at the height of inefficiency apart from same poor administrative situation at provincial and federal levels as well.

Most of the hiring in all the government departments is made against the rule of merit but no one can prove it because every formality is well done on papers. The only source to check the transparency in this subject is verification through papers. So a handful of reformers – finally left in Pakistan – are unable to prove irregularities in recruitment process.

The only possible solution to literally check the transparency in hiring is through performance of the employees. But the question is who will check it because from top to bottom every induction is made on the basis of favoritism and most of the time on political basis.

A handful of executive bureaucracy is hired through competitive examination but it is also hapless because of the rest of the inefficient slot through which it has to get the work done.

There are no signs of improvement even in remote future in Pakistan. If someone talks like this, a bunch of idiots jump into the discussion to force him be positive. They never admit that their advice is actually to follow the ostrich approach that hides its head into the sand on seeing any kind of danger.

Even it is not likely things will gradually improve because still no one is ready to accept the shortcomings and weaknesses in the system. So how come a mistake be corrected if it is not accepted as a mistake as yet?

Poor people suffer

The ultimate sufferers of all the maladies rampant in the system are poor masses. They are so poor that they even cannot move to somewhere else. Those who could have afforded to move somewhere else have already gone to foreign countries for at least spending a peaceful life physically. While those who could not have afforded are living in this country on daily basis.

Official cause of sea pollution

So let’s come to the topic. The civic authorities of the city have become accustomed to all types of violations so much so that they now don’t remember that whatever wrong they are doing for decades is not right.

In this picture one can understand that the tanker is dumping sewerage water into the sea which it might have sucked from a place where that wastewater was standing because of the choke drainage system. The authorities thought it as routine to release the wastewater in the sea where hundreds of gallons is already being released daily through drains so why not another tanker as well.

You would be surprised to know that I (Mi Muba) have been working in environment sector of Pakistan for the last twenty years but no one knows me here. Most of the people related to this sector including regulator, policy makers, consultants and NGOs focus more on earning money with green projects and not much care about on-ground performance.

Most of the people are not ready to accept here that I am running this whole blog with my personal resources. If I succeed to convince someone, the only demand he makes is to publish his interview at my blog either he has done something practical for the environmental improvement or not.

So nowadays I am seriously thinking to wind up this blog because awareness is made to the people who are ready to receive the message. You would be surprised to know that only 1 per cent of total readers of this blog are from Pakistan where awareness is badly needed.

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