Top 103 slogans on save earth

Before writing down here slogans on save earth let me tell you one thing very frankly.

Our very survival directly depends upon the safety of our planet Earth. If it is not safe then our survival will also be unsafe.

So we must protect it by propagating these slogans on save earth.

We should let others know our planet is the only livable planet we have. Other planets are not fit for living. So we must play our role for its protection to save our future generations.

Earlier I have shared with you several sets of slogans highlighting different environmental aspects as:


100 slogans on save earth

So this time I have especially developed these 103 slogans on save earth to chant on all occasions of environmental significance.

  1. Without earth, living is impossible
  2. No earth, no chance of living
  3. Either rich or poor; everyone needs abode
  4. Want to know value of earth, think of other planets
  5. Our earth is a blessing from God
  6. There is no alternate of earth so far
  7. Save earth to save life
  8. When you save earth, it saves you back
  9. Hey man! Don’t hit the earth
  10. Save earth, it will save you in return
  11. When you conserve earth, you conserve life!
  12. Save earth because it is the only one we have
  13. Save earth, secure the future
  14. Saving earth can save the world
  15. Save earth…..It’s the only livable planet
  16. Serve to protect every inch of earth
  17. Save earth before it’s too late
  18. Save earth to continue happiness
  19. No religion allows harming the earth
  20. Stop harming our planet Earth
  21. Keep our earth green and clean
  22. Don’t make earth cry, always love it
  23. For happiness on earth just love it
  24. Always shun earth pollution
  25. Raise voice against every act of harming the earth
  26. Protect the planet earth from pollution
  27. Protect the earth from all types of hazards
  28. Keep your earth safe from pollution
  29. Love the planet earth to spend a happy life
  30. Educate your kids on safety of earth
  31. Love earth and be happy
  32. Don’t be mean and always love earth
  33. Always act for a safer earth!slogans on save earth
  34. Care the planet earth to simply go green.
  35. Keep standing for the love of earth!
  36. Love the planet earth forever
  37. Give earth a big chance.
  38. Take care of the planet earth
  39. Save the earth before it screams
  40. Protect the earth for a better life
  41. Earth needs you so do take care of it
  42. Don’t brood, just love the earth
  43. I love earth, you love the earth; who the hell are polluters
  44. It’s so easy to love the earth; so just do it
  45. You must keep the earth green not grey.
  46. Don’t be awesome just be the lover of the earth
  47. Let’s keep our earth green.
  48. Let’s go green to get our earth safe
  49. Be amicably caretaker of the earth
  50. Smart people never hit the earth
  51. Life is nothing without planet earth
  52. Save earth and grow fast
  53. Think green and never hit the earth
  54. Green revolution ensures safety of earth
  55. East or west, earth is the only option
  56. For our kids keep saving the earth
  57. Unite to make this planet the safest one
  58. I am an earth lover. What about you?
  59. A green earth is actually a clean earth
  60. Save the earth and stay blessed
  61. Caring the earth means no one is lean
  62. Protect our planet for a better Life
  63. Always keep our earth clean and green
  64. Go green, save earth
  65. Don’t be mean always love the earth
  66. It’s never too late so just start saving the earthslogans on save earth
  67. Make the future of earth brighter
  68. Never let the future of earth to become orange
  69. Being earth lover is awesome
  70. Caring the earth is mind-blowing
  71. Love earth, go green and stay clean
  72. Earth is the only livable planet so just care it
  73. Treat the Earth as you first love
  74. Let’s go green to get our earth clean
  75. Save the earth to save your future generations
  76. Your good luck lies in a safe planet
  77. Save earth and live longer
  78. Love earth and stay happy
  79. Love earth and be healthy
  80. Health is wealth; earth is super wealth
  81. Don’t think just love the earth
  82. Be a caring person and save the planet earth
  83. Neither Mars nor Neptune, just planet Earth
  84. No more earth pledges; just do it
  85. Home is built by hearts; earth was built for homes
  86. Keep the earth pollution-free
  87. Care of earth is the most profitable deed
  88. Better earth means better tomorrow
  89. Safer the planet earth healthier the life
  90. Let us save our earth
  91. Raise awareness on earth
  92. Every Day is Earth Day
  93. We can protect the earth better together
  94. Keep planting trees to save the earth
  95. Sensitize people on important of safe planet earth
  96. Never let anyone to pollute the earth
  97. Say no to Earth pollution in every moment of your life
  98. Make the planet earth a green heaven
  99. Stop harming the planet Earth
  100. Do your share to care planet earth
  101. Yes we can make the earth green so let’s do it
  102. Serve to conserve the earth
  103. This earth is our planet so who must protect it

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I am sure you will remember as many as you can from these 103 slogans on save earth.

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I would also suggest you to bookmark these 103 slogans on save earth and also share them at social media to let others note them to chant as and when they need.

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We must remember that together we can better protect our planet Earth for our and our future generations’ safety and well-being.

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