Seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care

It sounds great. It looks a perfect statement. It carries a big message. But is it really practical or simply rhetoric?

This is the theme of World Environment Day 2015. It calls for consuming our resources with care because planet Earth is the only one we have.

But there is a little exaggeration in it. It says total population of this world is seven billion and each one has his own dreams to make them come true. Every person works in his whole life to fulfill his maximum dream. Right?

The reality of seven billion dreams

Actually this theme forgets the fact that this world is divided into two broad categories. One is a thin minority of HAVES who hold almost 80 per cent resources of this world. They may be business tycoons, corporate giants, political leaders, top bureaucrats and a handful from a few other affluent classes.

consume with careThe other category is a huge majority of HAVE-NOTS. They are the unlucky souls who spend their whole life just to meet their basic necessities. If they work well they just be able to meet their a few comforts and their life ends eventually.

So is it right to say that all the seven billion people have same kind of dreams. I must say that the HAVES have not simply dreams. They have craze to get more and more. Enough is the word unknown to them. They exploit the skills of HAVE-NOTS to stuff their kitty. They exploit every resource to manufacture more, sell more and earn more.

So it is not right to say HAVES and HAVE-NOTS have same kind of dreams. A thin minority has monumental greed to capture more and more resources of the world. While the huge majority is just striving to fulfill its basic needs.

Everywhere around the world rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. If there is a middle class it is stagnant. It stands still. It is just trying hard to maintain its standard of living. So can we say seven billions dreams are of same type?

Why we have one planet?

Yes, this is the biggest fact that we have only one planet to live. But this statement should also be rationalized a little. It should say “so far we have one planet to live”. Yes we have yet to explore more livable planets. We have so far discovered just one cosmos. There may be several cosmos and we yet to explore them.

Consume with care

This is the universal message. We must consume everything with care. Be it energy, agriculture production, natural resources or basic necessities and comforts we must consume with care.

consume with careWe should also fully define the word care while putting it into this message. Care can vary from person to person while being in this message of “consume with care”. Travelling in an aeroplane may be a lavish way of journeying for one person but for another it may be just a routine matter. So here again the divide between HAVES and HAVE-NOTS is discernible.

HAVE-NOTS are already consuming with care. They never leave something in the plate after eating the food. They already have lesser so they are bound to consume it with care and don’t waste it. So here again a little discrepancy can be seen in the last phrase of this theme of World Environment Day 2015.

HAVES should consume with more care while HAVE-NOTS should just consume and if still they have something left they should save it for the next day.

Overall this theme has no doubt a huge message for people to follow but it is not equally applicable to all people of this world. What a pity that we can’t devise a theme equally good for all the people. It shows the deep divide in the population of this world according to economic condition.

People in most parts of the Africa and Asia don’t have basic necessities of life. A huge majority of people in poor localities of South Asian don’t have toilet facilities. Ten years ago the theme of World Environment Day was “water; two billion people are dying for it”. I am sure now they may be more than two and half billion people as the water crisis are being aggravated everywhere around the world.

I just heard again this horrendous prediction that the next communal riots would be on water in Karachi – the seventh biggest city of the world. I have already told my readers a year ago about this and now many leaders of this city are saying the same but most of them are just doing political scoring with it.

Industrialized nations are great contributors of all types of pollution. But they are doing green washing and have become the green demagogues of the globe. They are setting the targets of carbon emissions for those countries as well who have nothing to pollute. It shows that those who pollute are powerful both collectively and individually and are championing the cause of pollution abatement.

Top 5 secrets to consume with care

  1. Before eating food just keep in mind that is not the last meal of your life
  2. While drinking water just remember if you leave the water in the glass that would be thrown away and can never be reproduced for drinking purpose
  3. Either you afford or not but nature can’t afford overuse of natural resource and this world may become a barren land one day if this process is not controlled
  4. Either you are rich or poor you just have one life and can never buy another one with your money so spend it in a way to leave a lot to your coming generations
  5. Life is not the name of comforts, it is just a great blessing where tangible things are not sufficient to make it happier.


No doubt such themes and slogans work well to raise awareness of people on issues of serious nature. But those who coin such themes should also devise a supplementary theme for those who are more responsible for any kind of wrong be it pollution, human rights violations or gender discrimination.

Isn’t it a pity that those who control this world have more responsibility to protect this world? But they are the people who are mainly responsible for the most of the wrongs of this world.

So what do you say? Are there really seven billion dreams or more than 90 per cent of them are shattered dreams while rest of the ten per cent are successfully making their each dream come true and worsening the environmental conditions of this world.

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