5 reasons of lack of qualified environmentalists in backward world

The discipline of environmental management and sciences as a major subject in graduation and post graduation is comparatively new. It was introduced in western world a few decades ago but in developing and backward worlds it has yet to be introduced fully.

Most of the environmental jobs in comparatively less advanced world are done by science graduates. Its one of the reasons is low demand of environmental workforce in job markets there. But in countries where environmental care is being taken seriously at institutional level its still low demand is questionable.

Advance level environmental education

Students do graduation and post graduation in environmental management to become environmental engineer and in environmental sciences to be the environmental expert or scientist. In most of the less advanced countries both these major subjects are taken with the same consideration. For most of the environmental jobs applications are invited by both types of these graduates.

Degree of environmental management

Actually environmental management degree pertains to engineering discipline and calls for learning of hi-tech environmental topics like development and design of treatment plant, ensuring technical aspects of sustainable development in a project, understanding of appropriate technology for hazardous waste disposal, scientifically development of landfill site etc.

lack of qualified environmentalistsBut most of the graduates of environmental management are employed for general nature of environmental care like monitoring of industries, carrying out small environmental care projects and that is injustice to them.

Degree of environmental sciences

On the other hand most of the graduates and posts graduates in environmental sciences are hired for hi-tech environment related jobs as mentioned above. That is also an injustice to that technical job because these graduates do have extensive knowledge of different environment related subjects like solid waste management, industrial pollution control etc but don’t have highly technical skills to conceive a project and then implement it.

Just environment degree holders

Most of the environmental education at advance level in universities of the backward world is being imparted just to meet the demand of job markets. Different posts of environmental sector are filled by either an environmental management graduate or an environmental sciences’ graduate taking both as same kind of expert.

We can say that environment degree holders are being produced instead of environmental experts of different fields.

Because of relatively a new discipline most of the students join this field in backward world just hoping to get a job without much difficulty. But after fully entering in this field they fail to justify themselves as a true environment expert and can’t deliver as much as they should have done.

5 reasons of lack of qualified environmentalists

As a result most of the backward countries face lack of qualified environmentalists and they don’t have a choice but to induct science experts on top environmental jobs. So the performance of environment sector in such countries is obviously lower than the normal standards.

In short the main five reasons of lack of qualified environmentalists in backward world could be summarized as:

  1. Lower demand or less attractive offers for higher level environmental jobs so students don’t plan in this field on long-term basis
  2. No well planned supply arrangements for highly qualified environmentalists and people with science background are employed on top environmental jobs
  3. No huge scope of both environmental management and environmental sciences in private sector of the backward world so students avoid to invest their time and money in this field
  4. No interest of the government to pass laws to bind each factory/business unit hire an environment, health and safety manager to formally take care of environment during its each operation
  5. Lack of vision of political leaders to ensure sustainable development with its true spirit for the safer and better future of its younger generations

So these are the five main reasons of lack of qualified environmentalists in backward world. That is why whoever has slight concepts of environmental management or sciences easily hold top jobs there and interact with the rest of the world as if he is a great environmentalist.

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