Can The Battle Of Climate Versus Economy Not Be Won?

Climate versus economy is a never-ending debate. One group in the world is in favor of thriving economy while another strongly advocate for climate safety.

They both have their own pros and cons for each of the issue and this debate has been continuing since long.

This problem actually hails from the beginning when agriculture economy was largely turned into an industrial economy in most parts of the world.

With the invention of machine mechanized ways of farming were invented. That laid off a big workforce of agriculture economy. There was a fear of great panic owing to rising unemployment in farming sector those days. But thanks to invention of machine that businesses diversify the food products by sending them to an industrial process for their further refinement and branding.

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Boon and bane of industrialization

climate versus economyFrom there the industrialization set in and more than half of the economy of each country turned into industrial economy. Employment at large-scale was generated and most of the western countries became very rich and prosperous due to the boons of industrialization.

After a few decades the side effects of industrialization started emerging. Smoke emissions of factories and vehicles created the problem of air pollution. It does not stayed there but created another problem of climate change. It has become the biggest man-made cause of climate change.

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Green awakening at limited scale

As a result a green uprising started all over the world. Voices were raised on unbridled industrialization that had nothing to do with environmental care.

So the concept of green regulation for industries and vehicles was introduced. The issue was taken as a national or local issue. Since then climate change had become the global issue. So the need was stressed to address it globally.

Efforts to limit carbon emissions

Then suggestions were given by green leaders to put barriers on carbon emissions of each nation. Agriculture based economies had warmly welcome the idea. Industrialized nations got upset on this suggestion. They had to make a big cut in their carbon emissions.

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They had two options. One is to moderate the volume of their agriculture produce and compromise on their reduced market share in global markets. Or to heavily regulate their industries and bring them into the ambit of green technology irrespective of cost factor that ultimately rises the prices also. In both option they had to face a cut in their market share.

Climate versus economy

Since then the debate has been going on to prefer what climate or economy. Both the groups have strong muscles and are not letting the other group to win this battle.

Carbon emission targets are set in global climate change conference after every five years but their compliance is not made in its true spirit.

Vested interests deny climate change

Those who believe that economy should continue with robust growth with little care to environment have strong control of governments of the most countries. They are by and large financiers of ruling political parties everywhere. So governments have no choice but to avoid introducing strict laws to control industries from polluting.

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Proponents of climate change issue

Those who raise voice for climate safety does not have direct stake in most of the governments of the world. They are mostly green activists, reformers and non-governmental organizations. They try their level best to pressurize each government in advance nations to strongly regulate industries with regard to environmental care. But they could not have succeeded broadly because of their least say in corridors of power.

How long climate versus economy debate will continue?

The debate of climate versus economy will be continuing but this is an alarming sign for our future generations. If man-made causes of climate change are not controlled we will face food shortage in future. An erratic climate directly hits the agriculture produce because crops do not grow robustly in an ever-changing weather.

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If things keep going in same fashion we would remain engaged in the unending debate of climate versus economy. Eventually we don’t have a choice to debate and have to take do-or-die type of steps to combat food shortage.

May our policy makers wake up from the deep somber and get serious to cut carbon emissions and mitigate the man-made causes of climate change to save this world from a starvation-like situation in future.

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