But Why Shouldn’t I Drive? Isn’t It #1 Myth Of Going Green?

This is the oft-asked question when someone is told to avoid driving car unnecessarily for going green and saving our environment.

People think if they go green they have to avoid driving car. This is the biggest myth attached to the concept of going green.

One needs not to sacrifice any kind of comfort of his life while adopting a green way of living.

Yes, overuse of everything is strictly forbidden if one has to go green voluntarily. There is no law to stop you from wasting your resources. It is simply your will that should stop you from every act that wastes any of your resource.

So using your car as a necessity and comfort is very right. But just using it aimlessly to keep driving on roads without aiming any destination means you are wasting the fuel of your car.

It is not simply the wastage of the fuel of your car but it is also an act of burning the fuel of your car unnecessarily. Burning your fuel without any need means let your vehicle emit more smoke? So the ultimate impact of this overuse is obviously on air environment.

going greenHigher the emissions from your vehicle mean inferior the quality of air around you. So do you want to ultimately breathe polluted air after driving your car aimlessly just to pass the time?

It is not sufficient to avoid using car if you don’t need it. You equally need to drive your car with full care to avoid any accident. Still it is not sufficient to drive your car carefully for your safety. You need to optimize its use. Confused? Let me explain it.

How to optimize your car for green living?

There are two ways to optimize your car. But first of all just understand the meaning of the word optimize. It actually means doing a thing to its maximum possible level. If you drink all water from the glass it means you have fully optimized the water of the glass.

One way to optimize your car is functioning wise. Keep its performance level to the maximum level to make it perform the best and least harm the environment. If a car runs poorly or inefficiently it will emit more smoke and harm environment badly. So to optimize your car’s functioning you need to:

  • Use good quality fuel and preferably green fuel in it.
  • Get regular tune-up of the engine of your care
  • Keep the engine and silencer in good condition
  • Keep the tyres inflated and balanced

The other way to optimize your car is its usage wise. In a normal car there are four seats. If you use your four-seated car alone it means you are using it up to its 25% capacity and its 75% usage capacity is being wasted. So its solution is:

  • If you have family try to give at least pick to any of your family members who has to go to place that comes along the way to your office or business
  • Use personal transport if it is available and use car for urgent type of work
  • While coming from the office oblige your friends by dropping them to their homes if they reside along the way to your home.
  • For going anywhere on your car note down all the chores you have to do outside and do them in one trip instead of going again and again.
  • Enjoy covering short distances with your feet and try to avoid depending on your car unnecessarily

So these are the tips for using your car to its maximum efficiency and avoid using it unnecessarily. If you try to follow these tips gradually you will reduce your unnecessarily reliance on your car.

So now it is clear that going green does not mean making your life a burden on yourself. It means judicious use of every resource to get its full advantage and avoiding wasting its benefits.

Do you have a car? Do you use it carefully and fully know why you shouldn’t drive unnecessarily? Share your views in comments section below.

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