How To Make Better Choices For Green Living?

Green living is not a super natural way of living. It is indeed the natural way of living. It is completely normal and its benefits are more than the way people usually live.

In the beginning people used to adopt green living and were quite happy, healthy and free from worries. They were no choice to deviate from it or we can say they were bound to adopt it because it was the only one way of living they had.

During those golden old days distances were mostly covered by feet, food was made of fresh crop and clothes were hand-made and people had a lot of time to relax and enjoy a super cool social life.

But with the advancement in science and technology, machines made them habitual of comfort and they stopped moving and started doing most of the chores with machine.

Just look around what is being done manually. Even people are digesting food with the help of medicines made of machines. It is pity that machine has taken place of every manual effort and people became comfort-lover by nature.

green livingMachines really made life so comfortable and easy but they also have robbed the peace of mind by making life so fast. Competition in every field became so stiff and living couldn’t have confined to a few basic needs and people’s needs turn into desires and that brought on consumerism to seek every kind of pleasure in consumption.

As a result of fast way of living that was fully reliant on machines people then didn’t have time to share sorrows and happiness of each other. Everyone despite living among so many people was alone internally.

What is green living in our era?

But gradually people came to know the best way of living is green living where you keep a good balance between natural and artificial way of living. No one asks you to avoid using machines if you go green. Nor you are asked to quit your comfort and do physical exertion to spend your life.

You are just asked to manage your living as simple as possible and use machines where it is must to use them. For example:

  • To cover long distances use vehicle but for short distances use bicycle or walk on feet
  • While working switch on lights to fully brighten your environment, if you are away from room never forget to switch off lights
  • Enjoy your food but never waste it so put it into your plate as much as you can fully eat
  • If you can’t plant trees, at least never cut any tree nor let anyone in your community cut or harm any tree
  • Never leave computer switched on and try to complete your work in one sitting and then shut down it
  • In hot summer set your AC at 26 degree which is enough to cool a bed room or living room
  • Use everything fully before disposing it off to avoid wasting our resources
  • Recycle household things and those which you don’t need sell them to any recycling company instead of throwing them in dustbin

There are hundreds of tips to follow and you just need to make a better choice for green living.

For example, if you build a house install energy-efficient doors and windows in it to warm the home without heater. Keep your roof cool by laying a special cooling material on it to use AC minimum in summer season. The cooling stuff in your roof will already make your room cool.

In all types of household chores just make a choice to either go green or hell with green and follow the common way of living. For this you just need to make which one will benefit you more.

Immediate mega benefits of sustainable living

Every step of green living will:

  • Make you save money because you don’t have to buy harmful branded products
  • Save you from several diseases because you will not consume harmful and chemical based products if you go for sustainable living
  • Enable you to raise standard of your living with the saved money and enjoy your life more being a healthy person.

So taking every step in your life just think which way is better; the green way of living or the advance way of living where machines have an undue role to play. Soon you will feel the change in your life with more saving and more healthy living.

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