6 eco-friendly ways to safely get rid of your old carpets

Do you know why we don’t follow eco-friendly ways while disposing of obsolete items. Actually we treat them useless and just throw them away.

We don’t know that nothing is useless in this world. It is our lack of knowledge that makes us take many things as useless and throw them away.

You would be surprised to know there are many countries in the world where majority of people don’t have any concept of reuse and recycle. They usually throw away there every old usable item in garbage bins.

In many other unfortunate countries poverty is quite higher and people avoid throwing away a used item and just keep it in home hoping someday a need might arise to reuse it for any other purpose. That is why in homes of poor people you may find a lot of useless things lying everywhere.

Money doesn’t matter a lot to recycle

Rich people usually avoid reusing any item because they have a lot of money to buy a new or they think it is against their status to reuse a used thing.

eco-friendly waysThey need to understand it is not the matter of money or status. It is actually the matter of our survival and survival of our future generations.

If we keep throwing everything after using it once, a day might come when people won’t have a place to live on this land. Farmers won’t have fertile land to grow food for us because solid waste beyond a limit destroys the land’s fertility.

Benefits of carpet

A carpet is also a usable thing that covers the floors, makes our sitting convenient and also keeps us safe from the seasonal effects of floor. Most importantly it makes our floor beautiful.

In advance countries carpets are made in machine while in poor and backward countries they are usually handmade.

Handmade carpets have long service life and that is why they are quite costly. Because of being costly people take full care of them and never let them become un-usable. They with its proper care prolong its service life that is why there is no question of getting rid of them.

Machine made carpets are comparatively cheaper and they are equally low in quality. That is why they become un-usable after a few years and people have to get rid of them.

6 eco-friendly ways to dispose old carpets

I am giving here six eco-friendly ways to get rid of your old carpets to avoid throwing them as garbage and not add the load of solid waste on our beautiful land that is already under threat of various pollution problems.

1. Gift it to relatives or friends

Though many people don’t like to get a gift of used thing but still there are many who accept a gift of used item if someone gives them without letting others know about your gifting.

So try to find a friend or relative who does not have much money to buy a new carpet and may get your gift of old carpet if you don’t hurt his self-respect while doing so and also he should believe that you won’t let others know about it.

This is the best way to get rid of old carpet as this is environment friendly and also a very admirable humanitarian act. You actually do two great jobs by doing this. First you serve the need of a needy and also you protect your environment.

2. Donate it to a charity

The second most appropriate way is to donate it to any charity organization that passes on used things to those who can’t afford to buy them.

In advanced countries such charity organization even pass on donated items to poor people of other countries as most of the Asian and African countries have biggest markets of used clothes that are exported from rich countries.

3. Sell it to reseller

If you don’t have time to search a needy relative or a charity organization, that’s no problem. You can also resell it by placing its ad to any free classified website of your area.

Many people buy used items directly from a seller through such websites. You simply need to resell a carpet a little earlier than the time it gets fully un-usable to sell it as used item and not as a scrap.

4. Reuse an old carpet

Another eco-friendly way to get rid of old carpet is to reuse it at your home. Cut it into small pieces and use each one as rug at the outside entrance of home and of common washroom. You can also use the rug at the entrance of lawn.

5. Recycle it

Obviously recycling an old carpet is not a manual job. So sell it to any recycling company of your area that recycles it to make various other items with its material.

6. Refurbish it

This is the best way to avoid getting rid of an old carpet. Get it serviced regularly and also take care of it to use it for longest period of time. Before buying a carpet do check if a seller would give you after sale service to prolong its service life.

So these are the six best eco-friendly ways to get rid of your old carpet in an environment friendly way that you can follow depending upon how much time you can save to pick the most-fit for you.

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