How to stay healthy forever with sustainable living?

I am not going to sell any product in this post; nor offering you to join any paid service for staying healthy forever with sustainable living.

So stay with me here to learn the art of staying away from all kinds of diseases with sustainable living.

First of all let me share with you a little about me.

I am an environmental awareness expert and have been in this field for the last twenty years. Right now I am 46 and you can say after completing my education I spent whole of my life so far in this field of doing green awakening.

So you can trust me and the ways I would tell you to stay healthy forever with sustainable living would not be theoretical. These are purely practical tips which I learnt while adopting sustainable living for the last twenty years.

sustainable livingI don’t have any kind of disease; nor any big worry in my life because I strictly follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Don’t be confused it is not a high-tech lifestyle with the lengthy list of dos and dons. It is so simply and initially you have to check if it is sustainable while doing any kind of work and after that it will become built-in in your mind to decide what to do and what not to do.

What is sustainable living?

It is the easiest way of living. You don’t have to do much while living this way. You can even save a lot of time and enjoy your life more by adopting this kind of lifestyle.

Simply you have to do whatever you like but must check if it would not harm you, others or any living being or your environment. If it does not, you can do it otherwise simply alter it to make it friendly for all.

For example, if you drive an outdated vehicle that emits more smoke just get it repaired and make it sustainable. Isn’t it so simply? Once you repair it obviously it will emit less smoke and burn lesser fuel and you would save money as well.

For sustainable living you neither need to pay extra nor to spend more time. Simply a little care is sufficient to make your every act environment friendly.

Once you adopt it you would know the miracles of this way of living and by and by you would fully become green lover and your belief in mechanical way of living would be rationalized by itself.

What we do daily?

We meet our basic needs of food, shelter, clothes and travelling. So while meeting all these needs do take care of not harming anyone while doing so and you would feel big change in your health and well-being.

  • If you take simple food and avoid eating meat or eat it lesser you would see big change in your health in months.
  • If you live in a home that does have exhaust and quite airy you would inhale clean air and not suffer from any respiratory disease.
  • Similarly by using comfortable clothes to protect your body from seasonal effect would neither cost you much money and would also make your life quite comfortable. On the contrary ff you crazily run after designer clothes ultimately you have to pay more and they are also usually not much comfortable to you.
  • Covering short distances on feet would improve your health and also would help you stay away from polluted air that is caused by vehicular emissions.

By adopting the simple or sustainable living you can hardly suffer from any disease of serious nature other than those resulted from change in season or any accidental happening.

It is a universal truth once you get away from any bad habit it will not only keep you safe from its harmful effects but will also offset its previous effects.

Just take the example of doing exercise to burn your extra calories. The day you start exercising, it first burns your extra calories that you took on a given day. As soon as you increase the intensity and time duration of your exercise it also burns the stock of calories previously stored in your body as extra fat and eventually you get fit and smart.

So by rejecting all the bad habits related to eating, clothing, housing and traveling that may hurt you, others or your environment you not only stay away from their harmful effects but also you will offset all their previous effects that have stored in your body so far.

I am sure you would follow these tips from today to adopt a sustainable way of living to stay healthy forever from now.

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