10 reasons we don’t take environmental problems seriously

Our environmental problems are many. They have put our planet Earth under big threat. The most unfortunate thing is that their count is rising very fast.

Earlier it was only air pollution that was hurting our environment. But now be it air pollution, land pollution, water pollution or noise pollution all of them are very serious threat to our Mother Nature. Meanwhile climate change and global warming has also risen alarmingly and questioned the very survival of our planet.

As soon as the environmental pollution rose monumentally people did notice it and expressed their concerns on its rise. Forums and organizations were founded everywhere to save our world from all types of environmental hazards. EPA was established in every country and green laws were framed and put into practice to monitor every activity that may harm our environment.

environmental problems

But despite several measures taken to control pollution everywhere things are not good at micro level. Collectively it looks people do have care for their environment but individually they are not much serious to solve their environmental problems.

Why people don’t take environmental problems seriously?

There are actually ten shocking reasons why people don’t take environmental problems seriously.

1. Lack of farsightedness

Overall literacy rate of world population is not very encouraging. In advance world it is quite good but in most of the backward areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America things are not quite good. People don’t have much awareness on health, safety and environment.

They just look at short-term benefits and don’t bother to worry about long-term threats. That is why they just worry about their materialistic well-being and don’t have an idea that their craze for consumption is putting huge load of pollution on our environment.

2. Lack of temperament

Most of the people do take care of their environment but not consistently. They do it whenever they heard the significance of cleanliness and pollution-free surrounding. But after awhile they forget what they heard previously and again damn engaged in seeking pleasures from things that may hit our planet.

3. Discouragement by others

Some people in every community do reflect their concern for environment but they are not encouraged by others. After doing green care for sometimes, they lose their heart and again become the ones who have nothing to do with the safety of Mother Nature.

4. Habit of looking at others

Our environment is the collective property of all. We can’t demarcate it as we demarcated our land and water. That is why being a collective property it does not have any individual ownership and people look at each other whenever anyone talk about standing up for cleaning our environment.

5. Hope for miracles

People do admit that it is a matter of big concern but they wrongly assume things will improve by themselves one day. They actually think it was degraded by and by and will improve by and by one day. This is a misperception and it will not happen unless people play their due role for environmental safety.

6. Blaming government for every fault

It is also assumed wrongly that environmental care is the job of the government. This perception is very common in poor countries more particularly. They blame government for every wrong in their society and look at it to improve their environment.

7. Disorder of priorities

People do admit they should take care of their environment but they have big excuse for not doing that. They say they are already facing a lot of problems like unemployment, inflation, energy shortage and cracks in family system. So how come they also put another problem-to-solve in their lengthy list of so many serious problems that need their urgent attention first.

8. Putting off tomorrow

It is the nature of people they first do things that may harm their today and then think about their tomorrow. As we know environmental problems are showing their harm everywhere but not as alarmingly as other problems are showing.

If someone doesn’t earn today he has to stay hungry today and on the contrary if he does not care about environment he has to face its outcome in future. With this misconception in mind they don’t take their environment seriously and put it off for tomorrow.

9. Taking things very technically

Unaware people take the solutions of their environmental problems highly technical in nature. People wrongly assume big machines would solve such problems in one-go. They don’t believe in doing whatever they can do for environmental improvement.

10. Ostrich like approach

This approach means just avoiding any problem to get rid of it forever. By not looking at any problem or not accepting it as the serious, one could never make it solved by itself. This approach is very common in people with regard to every problem that does not impact life urgently and just bring long-term negative effects.

So these are the ten reasons why people don’t take environmental problems seriously. Do you think there is another reason as well? Please share it with us in comments section below.

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