14 ways to go green on Christmas with no much efforts

What is the greatest charm of Christmas? Prayers in Church, Santa Clause, party, quality time with family, lot of fun, going somewhere with friends or something else.

You are right not any of them.

The most precious thing is the happiness. The feeling of happiness is the most valuable thing. You do what you want to do.

So who will like any sort of sermon to celebrate this joyous moment. Pleasure with complete freedom is the most amazing thing in your life. Enjoy it, celebrate it and value it.

Do whatever you want to do?

This must be the spirit of your every celebration. Do whatever you want to do. Do everything to get maximum pleasure.

Celebrate every event to enjoy as much as you can. This is called freedom to live and enjoy.

But freedom itself has a limit. Your freedom ends where nose of other begins. Your liberty ends where property of someone else begins.

What about public property. What about soil? Our natural resources, our waters, our air and everything both natural and artificial around us are our collective properties. We must take care of them.

No tree plantation, no awareness walk, no cleaning campaign is required. Just a little care is on the top of the ways to go green on Christmas.

Who wants to follow ways to go green on Christmas?

14 ways to go green on ChristmasYou need not to entirely change your way of living. Nor I want to give you a lengthy sermon on how to follow several ways to go green on Christmas.

Just a little care without disturbing your joyous moments will make this event more memorable. Mother Nature will be wishing you all the best. And you will be reaping all the blessings from her.

Here are fourteen ways to go green on Christmas without doing anything big.

1. No plastic bags

You shop with a paper or cloth bag. It’s fine. If you don’t, just remember one thing. After taking out your bought items from a plastic bag you throw it into your dustbin. Waste collector picks it with garbage and dumps it into a landfill site.

But it does not degrade and remains in the soil for thousands of years. It harms the soil features. If all people use plastic bags what will happen. Millions of plastic bags will destroy our soil. It will get infertile. It will produce fewer crops. We will have lesser food. We will face higher prices because of lesser food. Our life will become a hell.

So before it’s too late we must change our way of shopping and use paper or cloth bags. We should ask seller to pack our shopped items in eco friendly bags. That’s all. Does it take any extra effort? No, just a little care is sufficient to make us follow this one of the several ways to go green on Christmas.

2. Ecards

You exchange your feelings of joy with your loved ones. It is your fundamental right. For this purpose you need not to use paper cards. You have the option of ecard. So just stick to this option and ask others to adopt it. It is very cheap and almost cost nothing to send an ecard to your loved ones.

Forget about going green; just take the cost factor here. What you want to do by sending an ecard to your friends or family. You want to tell them how much you love them. If you are away, how much you are missing them. You can do this with an ecard.

If your purpose is achieved without paying a penny so do you need to pay money to do this? Obviously not. You are a smart person and will add this step in your ways to go green on Christmas without any effort. Most amazingly you need not pay a dime. Even you will save money by switching from paper card to ecard that costs nothing.

3. Paper wrappers

You enjoy eating fast food. You love to eat hot dog, hamburger and this kind of all yummy food. That’s great. That’s mouth watering. You just check if it is in plastic wrapper. If yes then ask the seller to wrap it in a piece of paper. Or buy from the shop that wraps the things in papers. Plastic wrapper never degrades and hits the soil.

You simply need to promote this habit. You don’t have to pay extra to get a paper wrapper with your spicy cheesy burger. That’s all. Do you need to do anything extra to add this tip into your ways to go green on Christmas?

4. Seasonal food

Seasonal food is always fresh. So eat fresh and be fresh. This is good for you health. This is good for your skin. If you buy food made with any stuff from cold storage it may impact your health badly.

Secondly cold storage consumes energy. Generation of energy needs burning of fossil fuel. Ultimately environment gets a hit. So, just a little change in your eating habit will save the environment.

5. Stay together

United we stand divided we fall. It’s a famous quote on unity. Let’s change it a little. United we save, divided we waste. If you live together with your family you can save a lot. If you travel together with your friends you can save fuel. If you watch TV together you can save energy.

So living together is actually sustainable living. So celebrate this joyful event together. It is the easiest of ways to go green on Christmas. Together we can celebrate this event better.

6. Love beaches

During Christmas vacation people mostly go to beaches. To chill out and enjoy your holidays it is great to go to seaside. These beaches are our beaches. If you litter them you won’t be able to enjoy a lot. So never let anything happen that may disturb your joyous moments. Keep the beaches clean and enjoy more and more.

7. No shouting

It is natural to talk loudly if you are happy. You shout in joy. You make people know that you are happy. You dance. You sing song. You listen to music. But you must remember others may be not happy as much as you are. Or they may like to do something else to enjoy their cool moments.

So you must shout but not beyond the limit. Play music but within limits. Do what you want to do but don’t disturb anyone. This is the basic theme of all the ways to go green on Christmas.

8. Don’t force others listen what you want to listen

You listen music when you are happy. It’s cool. Most people listen music to enjoy their pastime. But we must not disturb others. We must not force others to listen what we like to listen. In low tones or with a head phone we can better enjoy any hot number.

what are ways to go green on Christmas

9. Enjoying eating more than cooking

Who doesn’t want to dine out on Christmas? You must have planned where you want to go this time. Or you have planned to party in the home. You might have arranged the barbecue setup in your court yard. It is great but you must cook as much as you can eat.

More fun is in eating not in cooking. This is a golden rule to arrange a dinner party. It is one of the awesome ideas for ways to go green on Christmas staying at home.

10. Green vegetables

Keep a good balance of your food intake. Huge intake of meaty dishes will make you lazy. It may affect your health if it is in excess. So make a balance in food intake and equally take vegetables as side dish or cool salad to keep everything moving. Did you get my point?

11. Dessert with fruits

In deserts, put fruits as much as possible. Search recipes of deserts that require fruits as key ingredient. You should avoid flour and other grainy ingredients that make your desert heavy. It is better to use natural ingredients than the processed one. This is a no-cost way to celebrate a green Christmas and enjoy your desert.

12. Reduce waste

Fun means doing what you love to do. But it doesn’t mean harming anyone or anything. It may be a person or a thing. A piece of land is also a thing. So never litter. Eat what you want to eat. Drink what (really I mean it) you want to drink. But never litter. Keep waste generation within limits.

Keep it as normal as you do in your routine days. Buy the things minimum of wrappers or packages or buy collectively. I mean buy a family pack and generate waste lesser. So far we got 12 cool ways to go green on Christmas. Here are two more.

13. Sapling, a romantic gift

When did you give a present to someone special last time? If you are above forty, no problem. Fun is right of all. When did you give a present to your spouse last time? You must have selected the costliest gift which you can afford.

Well, this year on Christmas pick a present which you want to give to your dearest one but tag a sapling with it. Your loved one will be happier to see your more love with a natural tag. Does it make a sense? Share your comments below.

14. Water is precious

This is last but not the least in the list of ways to go green on Christmas. Water is precious. Do your all work that needs water but never waste it. Enjoy as you want but take water as the most precious thing. Take it as if it’s smile of your beloved.

Take it as if it’s a beautiful memory of someone special. Then see how carefully you use it. How lovingly you consume it. So don’t waste water but use it as much as you want to do to be fully prepared for a green Christmas.

So these are the 14 ways to go green on Christmas.

In the end there is no serious note, no advice and no sermon for you. I have just a lot of love and best wishes for you and nothing else. Enjoy your vacation and do what you want to do on Christmas and beyond.

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