Who doesn’t want to look beautiful?

A step ahead, who wants to be beautiful for a while? Obviously everybody wants to be good-looking forever. She wants to stay cute and fresh till the end of her age. And our beauty is:

  • How we look to others?
  • How we look to ourselves?
  • If we fall fit on criteria of beauty.

What is beauty?

Yes it is absolutely correct that beauty lies in others looks. But where from it comes? Obviously it is reflection of your external appearance.

What is the first impression of your beauty?

Is it your looks? No not at all; one can’t note your looks in first eye. So it may be your figure. Not necessary. People don’t run their look on your whole being.

natural skin careThe first impression is overall freshness of your personality. It reflects from your eyes and skin. If your eyes are smiling and skin is fresh it means you are the most beautiful person.

So eyes can be altered or improved. They are as they are. But you can do a lot for your skin care. So you need to follow the tips that make your skin not only beautiful but also beautiful forever.

Natural tips work for longer

Longevity of everything lies where? It lies in natural tips. Normal cosmetic products can fresh up your whole being but for a while. Even it is ok if they fresh up you for a while. Unfortunately in the long run they destroy your beauty. So think long-term and go for natural products for your skin care.

Tips for natural skin care

Here are 7 tips for your natural skin care. Just follow them but never make haste.

  • For skin care, forget about normal beauty products because they hit your skin in two ways. First they make your skin habitual of fast treatment and ultimately hit its life. Yes life, your skin is living being like you.
  • Never rely on all green or natural skin care products. Most of them are nothing but greenwash and not the original. So pick the natural skin care products from the most reliable green company.
  • Excess of everything is harmful. So never think natural skin care products will never harm you if you excessively keep using them internally or externally. They work well up to a limit. Their excess may also harm your skin.
  • The most effective green products for your skin care are in your easy access. Yes seasonal fruits and vegetables. So eat as much as you can digest but never expect miracles from them. They do work if you make your habit to eat them regularly.
  • Never blindly follow your taste buds. Never sprinkle spices and other herbs to make your veggie salad or fruit salad tastier. Try to enjoy their natural flavors because spices may be harmful for your skin as well.
  • The most amazing element for your proper skin care is proper intake of water. Your daily water intake must be from 8 glass to 14 glass depending upon weather condition of your area. But never drink water as if you are bound to drink it. Just enjoy it and take in small slots for the whole day.
  • You can buy natural skin care products from here after fully checking them.

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