10 ways to say big NO to pollution on Happy New Year

Every year on the eve of Happy New Year we celebrate and welcome the new year with lot of hopes and best wishes. We sing, dance, party, wish each other, pray for our loved ones, revive our hopes for the good and foresee a happy future for us, our friends and family.
We make several pledges for our physical, financial and social well-being. We set targets to achieve during the year. We make commitments to fulfill before the end of the new year. We plan to build a home for our family.
We make strategy to switch our job. We dream to fulfill our lofty desires. We make a lengthy list of things-to-do for the coming year.
Did we ever realize that on the eve of every Happy New Year we actually complete another year of life without caring about how pollution is affecting us directly or indirectly? We kept on breathing polluted air during the whole previous year.
Several and several among us spent the previous whole year drinking polluted water. So many of us ate several times contaminated food. We did not even think about the harms of pollution we are receiving intentionally or unemotionally.

Happy New Year

Don’t worry I don’t want to spoil your new year celebrations this time. Nor I want to make you gloomy on this occasion of hopes and best wishes.
Happy New YearBut we can celebrate this eve of Happy New Year little differently. We can just add one more wish or plan or dream in our lengthy list of things to do.
You don’t have to think about it. I am giving below several options. You may select at least one or more than one to adopt them in new year.
  • Plant a sapling
    and look after it till it grows up. To develop affiliation with it, just name it as we name our kids. Whenever you see little sapling call it by name and introduce it to others with its name.
  • Keep your personal car for emergency work and select a shuttle service or public transport to go and return from workplace. You just have to give half an hour extra time to pick the public transport and wait for it on the stop. In this way can reduce the load of traffic pollution.
  • On birthday(s) of your loved ones in new year give them gift of a sapling to make them plant in their surroundings
  • If you use plastic bags, buy a jute or cloth bag to replace with it and make it part and parcel of your carrying bag or backpack to bring grocery or other usable items in it.
  • If you smoke, plan to reduce one cigarette per month from total number of cigarettes you smoke. At the end of the year you would be smoking twelve cigarettes less than those you do so right now.
  • Make your habit to criticize or discourage people either vehicle owners/drivers, industrialists, hospital managers who pollute the environment by their operations.
  • Create a community of environment lovers around your residence or at your workplace to discuss the environmental issues and motivate each other keep going green.
  • Over social media join the most vocal and active environmental group and participate in its activities.
  • Keep visiting this blog, follow its tips to control pollution and actively participate in this blog through your valuable comments.
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