You need nothing to make these seven new year resolutions for green care

Oh, I see. You have already made your new year resolutions. No problem.

I am not asking you to change them. I am not asking you to skip them. I am just recommending seven more to add them in your list.

No, you won’t have to do anything extra. You need not to do any big thing to achieve them. They won’t put an extra burden on you.

On the contrary they all will help you save money. Not big money but you will save constantly till you continue following them. So what do you say? Isn’t it a cool deal?

I bet you will gain by these 7 new year resolutions

So don’t wait and just add these 7 new year resolutions for green care that will save your money. I bet.

1. No meat for at least one day in week

It’s one of the easiest new year resolutions. You need not to go vegan. Nor you have to quit eating hot dog. Just a little cut in your meat consumption and a little saving. Isn’t it a good deal? You will save weekly if you just avoid eating meat once in a week.

It is fine if you are a vegan or vegetarian. That’s not for you. But you can pass on this tip to your friends and family.

new year resolutions for green care

Do you want to know how much you will profit from this resolution? How much meat you eat in a day? May be 200 grams or 300 grams? It means almost 2.25 pounds in a month you will avoid eating. It means 30 pounds per year.

So just calculate how much you will save in a year. It depends upon the rates of meat in your country. I leave it to you. Just let me know your likely saving in comments section below.

2. Set limit of distance to use vehicle

This is one of the energy related new year resolutions. You need to calculate it once. Set a target of distance to cover by feet. Never deviate from it. It ups to you. You can cover one mile daily if you are young and healthy. If little older or weaker, half a mile is sufficient.

Make your mind to avoid using car or public transport for that much distance. It will improve your health. It will save your fuel bill or transport fare bill. Ultimately it will reduce your carbon footprint. More importantly it will save your money.

3. Think before throwing away

Make a pledge to cast a second look before throwing away anything. You can reuse it. You can recycle it. You can donate it to someone needy. It depends upon the thing which you want to throw.

So just take a second look before putting any used stuff into the dustbin. You need not to spend a dime for this. Nor you have to spend an extra minute. Just a cursory glance and that’s all. If you don’t throw away a used item, you actually reduce waste generation.

4. Recycle creatively

This is on top of the lofty list of new year resolutions. You can make it with a little practice. If you have several things to throw away just apply your creativity to recycle them by yourself.

You can recycle your used T-shirt in several ways. You can make it a cleaning rug. You can make it a dusting cloth. You can tie it with a long stick to clean the ceiling.

So just apply your creativity to recycle it in more than several ways. You won’t have to throw it away. You can avoid generating more waste with you creativity. Ultimately you need not to buy a duster. You need not to buy a mop cloth. As a result you will save a few bucks.

new year resolutions for green care

5. Exploit open space of your home

If you live in a spacious home, this tip is for you. Do you have a free space in your courtyard? Exploit it by planting a tree. If it is a little bigger exploit it by growing vegetables. You can also grow herbs on it.

Any type of greenery in your home will at least do one job. It will reduce indoor pollution of your home. It will ultimately reduce your medical bill. In a home with least amount of indoor pollution inmates get sick lesser number of times.

If you grow vegetables you need not to buy them from market. Each option will make you save money.

6. Adopt a dot-come way of living

You are maybe confused to read this another one of the important new year resolutions. I am not asking you to be a dot-com mogul. You need not to be so much techie. You should be a dot-com guy in your correspondence. No paper cards and not letters; right?

Ecard is the most environment friendly option to convey your feelings to your loved ones. They won’t mind it if they are also living in this dot-com world.

7. One more LED light each month

Gradual change is more viable than the sudden change. It will not put any extra burden on you. Just replace one ordinary bulb of your home with LED light or energy saver. This you need to do once in a month. Ultimately you will reduce your energy bill. These types of bulbs consume lesser amount of electricity.

So after one year you will have 12 energy savers in your home. You will save a lot of money by reducing your electricity consumption. So don’t you think it is one of the most lucrative new year resolutions?


Do you still think any of these new year resolutions for green care will cost you even a dime? You can say they all are money-saving new year resolutions.

Ultimately they will also save environment in one way or the other. So just add them in your lengthy list of new year pledges and enjoy.

A very Happy New Year to all of you my dear friends.

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