Kids Stuff: 5 Easy Uses for Your Child’s Throwaways

Kids love to play and they never get tired while playing. They also want new things to play and get bored by playing with old things. Also many playthings get outdated or breakable so we have to discard them.

Earlier it was quite common to throw away our kids playthings with household garbage. But now since the awareness on environmental care has risen it is quite common to try to reuse everything that has completed its service life. So people try to first reuse it for another purpose or recycle it to create another utility.

With the same thought in mind you can find several wonderful uses of your child’s throwaways. Just a little research is required to learn how a plaything could be reused or repurposed.

kids stuffSo kids stuff should not be thrown like household garbage and you must try to find its some other uses.

5 green uses of your kids stuff

Don’t worry I am giving you here five easy uses of your child’s throwaways and trust me many of my friends have been adopting these uses since long and are quite surprised with their benefits.

1. Decoration piece

You would be surprised to learn that many small playthings of kids stuff could be reused as a decoration piece.

Don’t get me wrong I am not advising you to directly put an old toy on your drawing-room’s side table as a decoration piece. Just do a little innovation with it and you would see how it reappears as another valuable thing.

For example with a little coloring you can create a wonderful decoration piece from the wooden toy of donkey or horse cart of your kid. By giving it a creative color and putting some ribbons around it you will get a very attractive decoration piece to adore the side table of your drawing room.

2. Toy box as nut and bolts keeper

The set of many playthings of kids stuff is usually packed in a wooden or plastic box. So it can be used as a storage box of all the nuts and bolts you may need to repair any mechanical thing in your home.

3. Old lunch box as first-aid box

Kids are very particular about their lunch boxes and don’t want to use one for a long time and love to change it frequently. So it can be used as first-aid box after completely sterilizing it in boiled water to make it safe for its new usage.

4. Papers extra use

Many schools don’t allow kids to use every inch of the paper of their copies. So a lot of blank space is left in their copies which can be used for noting down daily matters at home once your kids discard their previous class copies.

5. Donate, the final option

If you fail to make any use of your kids’ throwaway even then you can find one very noble use. Just donate it to nearby charity for its distribution among deserving community that can’t afford to buy for their kids.

So these are the five very easy uses of your kids’ throwaway to fully use everything in this world and play your role in mitigation of garbage generation.

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