How to buy an eco-friendly car on a budget?

Anyone considering changing their car may be interested in looking at the green options which are now available to help you buy an eco-friendly car.

There has been a steady increase in the number of green cars on the market, partially fuelled by a concern for the environment and partially due to the increase in fuel prices which has been on the rise in recent years.

Why an eco-friendly car?

Cars are one of the major contributors to environmental pollutants and whilst it would be nice for everyone to cycle or walk it is not always possible especially to cover long distances.  Here’s a breakdown of what to consider when looking at an eco-friendly car:

Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are currently reducing which makes it more difficult to recoup any additional cost involved in buying the vehicle; although it can still be offset by the increased miles per gallon and lower running costs.

eco-friendly carEvery manufacturer produces a more fuel-efficient version of their standard petrol powered cars. There are a variety of techniques which they employ to get better economy without switching to electric power:

  • Gear changing guidance, to ensure the engine is never overworked.
  • Automatic gears to ensure the engine run at its most efficient.
  • Start stop technology to save fuel when the car is stopped.
  • Energy generation through recycling the energy produced by the brake system.
  • Lower profile tires; these reduce the resistance when the car is rolling and improve efficiency.
  • Lighter engines and bodies to reduce the load on the engine.

Electric cars

These are very environment-friendly as they produce no emissions. Although there is an environmental effect caused by the creation of the electricity needed to run the vehicle.

Unfortunately at the moment electric cars have limited range and many places do not have the infrastructure necessary to allow users to recharge. Recharging can also take several hours which can seriously slow down a journey!

However, thanks to manufacturers like Porsche and Tesla, things are about to change. While Porsche’s Mission E concept recharges in 15 minutes, Tesla’s Model X takes 30 minutes to get it 80%. This could mean a lot for the future of eco-friendly cars.

Alongside this, there are also concerns about the cost of battery replacement when it is no longer able to be charged and the cars are generally more expensive to buy that their gasoline equivalents.

Electric cars do have fewer moving components which mean that servicing should be easier and cheaper. As they become more mainstream product the infrastructure should improve and resolve many of the issues surrounding these vehicles.

Hybrid cars

Hybrids are the viable alternative to electric cars. They use an electric and a gasoline engine which provides a better mpg rating and less vehicular emissions whilst still being able to cover large distances without needing to stop.

Of course, despite being a wonderful eco-friendly car a hybrid car is still more expensive than a gasoline one so you will need to calculate if the increased price is worth it compared to the savings on running costs.

eco-friendly carA hybrid car will produce fewer emissions than a gasoline car as the electric engine takes some of the strain; some of these vehicles actually recharge the batteries while driving which ensure you never need to plug the car in.


Of course the greenest car remains the fully electric vehicle. But to be completely emissions-free you would need to have an all-electric vehicle powered by solar energy; this does not mean solar panels on the car, although it can if you want it to. Recharging the car from electricity generated via solar panels will guarantee your emissions are zero!

Hybrid cars are the second best vehicles in terms of emissions; the combination of gasoline and electric engines allows the vehicles to have far fewer harmful emissions than their gasoline counterparts.

It is also possible to get tax credits, cash rebates and hefty discounts on some of these vehicles and this can make a considerable difference to any purchase price.

The tight emissions controls being implemented on new car sales in many states means that the electric car is fast becoming the only viable option.

However, at the moment these sales are declining and the ACEEE has even produced a secondary list of alternative fuel-efficient cars in a variety of categories.

Author Bio: This post is authored by a regular blogger and writer Christopher Austin. He loves to write about environment and cars. He also works for a site offering Porsche spares and parts.

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