How to reuse and recycle your old linens, towels and sheets?

To make your life comfortable it is your fundamental right to use as many things as you can afford. If you can afford to spend a lavish life with everything you need it is fine. You simply have to avoid generating waste once a usable thing has completed its service life.

You might be surprised how it is possible to use as many things as one can but avoid throwing them after fully using them. This is called the art of reduce, reuse and recycle that is the most authenticated formula to avoid generating waste.

For your cleanliness you bathe and wash your hands off and on after doing any menial work. After washing hands you obviously need a towel to dry them. You too want to use very clean towel and for that purpose you buy more than one towels to use clean towel every day. If you use a towel again and again obviously its service life will be over soon or you can say it gets older fast.

reuse and recycle

So you plan to get rid of your towel after fully using it. The best way to get rid of an old towel is usually considered as throwing it away with household garbage. For you it can be the best but for our planet Earth it is the worst way to just throw away anything after using it.

It adds into garbage pollution and ultimately our land receives its hit. More garbage pollution means more pollution load on Earth and it will affect the natural features of our soil. So the best way to throw away used towels is to reuse them or recycle them.

In a same way you used linens and sheets to make your life and sleep more comfortable. You want to use clean linens and sheets and for that you regularly wash them to keep them clean. Their washing frequently makes them older and a day comes when you need to throw them away and buy the new one to keep comforting your life with new things. Here again you need to reuse and recycle them instead of throwing away.

How to reuse and recycle your linens, towels and sheets?

What is reuse?

Reuse means just finding another purpose to use an already used thing for continuing its utility. Its shape could be a little changed and it becomes usable for another purpose.

What is recycling?

Recycle means increasing the use of an old thing by a little changing its shape to use it for another purpose.

You can reuse and recycle your linens, towels and sheets by:

  • Cutting them into small pieces to do dusting of your furniture and fixtures
  • Joining the two or three used sheets into one to cover your car to make it safe from dust and sun
  • Cutting your sheets into larger pieces to use them as mop to clean the floor of your house
  • Attaching the used towel in a rod to clean the roof and higher parts of walls
  • Making mats to keep them at the entrance of your house for cleaning the shoes before entering into home

So these are a few ways to reuse and recycle your linens, towels and sheets. These are just a few ways you can find more on the basis of your needs and avoid throwing them as garbage to keep our land safe from hazards of garbage pollution.

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