How to manage gluten-free diet in a budget?

Gluten, often heard of this term, but did you ever know what really is the ingredient behind it?
So, this is actually a blend of two proteins that is mainly responsible for giving that elastic texture to the dough. The two main proteins, gluteinin and gliadin are the ones accountable for giving gluten a major structure.
Gluten is usually found in grains like wheat, rice, barley and rye naturally. Regarding gluten, it is a known fact that some people are intolerant to it. This means that those of them who are sensitive to gluten or its proteins shall undergo a reaction when ingested. The reaction could vary from gastrointestinal problems to joint pain, depression and fatigue
A high cholesterol diet could be dangerous for the individuals, particularly with heart disorders. While there are options available for the cardiac patients, there are also some options available to go for a gluten-free diet as well.
gluten-free dietThose who have cardiac disorders and are sensitive to gluten, must curtail on their high cholesterol diet first and then start with their gluten-free meals.

Tips to manage gluten-free diet in a budget

Now, to stay good on your budget and yet avail your gluten-free meals, you must try some of the following suggestions.

Gluten-free food products in a budget

First of all you need to know about the ingredients that do not contain harmful gluten in it. One of it is corn. Corn could be included here in all forms; corn flour, meals, grits etc. Others include flax, quinoa, soy, teff, tapioca, beans, nuts, coconuts etc.
Besides these, ingredients natural acids like citric acid, lactic acid, and malic acid usually found in plain fruits and a few vegetables are also gluten-free type. Along with this sucrose, dextrose, and lactose are also added under the list.
Oat gum, plain spices, silicon dioxide and starch food add-on to the group of gluten-free ingredients (plus it doesn’t even count under a high cholesterol diet).

Gluten-free dairy products in a budget

If you like to go towards the dairy side, over there you can choose amongst real cheese, milk butter and margarine. If you like to go for plain yogurt that’s also an option to consider.
Besides, all these foods will not go heavy on your budget as well. Plain yogurt could be taken as your meal with a slice of gluten-free bread or with a few fruits cubed in it. This would make healthy, gluten-free yet a low budgeted meal for you.
If you like to fill in more, then you can make some white sauce out of these dairy products and layer it over a chicken piece before enjoying it.

How to take gluten-free breakfast in a budget?

If you want to go for a healthy gluten-free breakfast, you can take a few nuts with a cup of milk along with an egg. These ingredients are gluten-free and are one of the healthiest foods to be taken for breakfast. If nuts seem a bit out of your budget, you can always replace them with plain fruits.
Besides these foods, beans and legumes are also added under the options of gluten-free foods.
Enjoy sea food
There is no harm in exceeding the budget once in a month and if you do so you can treat yourself with sea food. Sea food is healthy and exciting on the taste buds, you can always go for varieties when dealing with it.
A vast range of seafood is available to fill up your plate and a number of gluten-free seasonings or spices are there that add distinct flavors to the dish.
Moreover, some lean meat is also one of the many choices to consider for a gluten-free meal. But, make sure you do not exceed your budget here. Hence keep this option open for just once in a month or so to keep your budget on track.

How to know if a product still has gluten?

Now there is an option where you need to be careful and be judicious while consuming such foods. These foods include, beer, Dextrin, oats etc. These foods could only be taken after checking their ingredient label. If the ingredients include barley, wheat etc then you must avoid and find an alternative for it.
These foods mentioned above are healthy and a green sign on your gluten-free diet chart. And these simple food items are not a heavy go on your wallet. Rather, they will help your system stay clean and healthy without breaching the boundaries of your monthly budget.
Love yourself and live your life while staying healthy, happy and on budget. Your gluten sensitivity could be treated with the yummiest and healthiest foods; all you need to do is create your own innovations with ingredients and unique combinations with the food items.

This is a guest post by Alvina Adam the main person behind the blog OLWomen

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