5 easy ways to reuse your old clothes and save money easily

It is an old saying that nothing is worthless in the world. It is we who decide if a thing has no further use or not. So it depends upon us to decide if a thing of any kind under our use is useless or still it is useful.

If we know how to get still value from a used thing we can save money easily by reusing it and giving it another life for our daily life.

So the main thing is our awareness level to fully use a thing before putting it into dustbin. Otherwise due to lack of awareness we would be throwing value into the dustbin without fully using a thing. By following the way of discarding everything after its first use would never let us save money easily and we would ever be running short of it.

Clothes are also a regularly usable item in your daily life. We have three kinds of clothes usually.

  • Party dress that are so costly and we use them with a lot of care
  • Formal dresses that we wear at our workplace
  • Casual dresses for wearing while at home and in the bed

Our clothes get older because of frequently wearing and then washing them. Also because of time factor they get out of fashion. So either we want or not we need to buy new clothes and replace them with new ones for our comfort and style.

save money easilyYour old clothes still have value or usability if you know how to reuse your old clothes for different purpose and save money easily.

5 ways to reuse old clothes and save money easily

I would tell you here five most common and easy ways to reuse your old clothes. By doing this you can save a lot of money and also help reduce waste. Otherwise if you throw them as garbage they will increase the solid waste that is a big threat to our land.

1. Resizing for younger family members

If you feel your clothes got older for you and you can’t use them further you must see if they can be reused for your younger family members.

It happens when a part of your shirt or trouser has stains or tore and by cutting that part you can make it a little smaller and usable for your kid or younger brother or sister.

So do apply your mind before discarding your old clothes to check if you can resize them by yourself or through a tailor to further use it.

You can easily make it usable as casual dress of a younger person in your family and save a lot of money which you have to spend for buying the one from market.

2. Gifting to deserving people

In your surrounding and family many people can’t afford to buy everything of their need and look at others for help. You instead of giving them money as charity can give them your old clothes as gift and save your money which you otherwise have to give them.

It is also possible to make your old clothes first reusable and then gift them to deserving people by beautifully packaging them to make them an attractive gift. It all depends upon how beautifully you present them to make deserving people happy.

3.Stuffing into pillows and cushions

Your old clothes that are not much hard could be stuffed into pillows and cushions for using them in lounge, in lawn’s couches or for any informal place inside your home. You can also use them to support your back by putting them at driving seat of your car.

4. Reusing with creativity

If you know how to stitch clothes a little you can make them quite amazing things with your old clothes. If you cut your old clothes of different colors into small pieces you can stitch them together to make a very colorful bed sheet, cover for your vehicle or door mat.

5. Making mop and cleaner

The last and final option to reuse your old clothes is to make them mop or cleaner for different purpose like cleaning your vehicle, inside of roof, floor etc

So these are the five easy ways to reuse your old clothes to save money easily and reduce waste as well. Simply a little effort is required to avoid throwing them into the dustbin as garbage and play your role to mitigate load of garbage pollution on our earth. This would also be a money-saving step for you so it will be more beneficial for you to start reusing your old clothes from today.

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