What is the most sustainable transport till we have water car?

Before discussing the status of water car technology let’s fist discuss why it is necessary to switch from conventional fuel consuming cars to a renewable consuming transport.

To follow green living it is advised to cover short distances on feet and use public transport to cover long distance.

The main purpose of this advice is to make you save as much fuel as possible with your every act in your life. Mainly fuel is consumed while travelling that is why it is widely advised to use any kind of transport in case if its pressing need.

Also instead of using individual transport like personal car it is better to use public transport where with the same amount of fuel travelling needs of so many people could be met.

water car

But in view of all such advices it does not mean green living wants to deprive you from the luxury of your own car. It forbids using personal conveyance because of the generation of unnecessary emissions apart from consumption of fuel into it.

Mostly cars consume fuel of petrol and gas. Both of them emit gases while burning and it affects the air quality. Without using them no transport can be run. So its complete avoidance is not possible. But it is possible to least use it at individual level.

Stock of fossil fuel at standstill

Secondly it is a known fact that the stock of all types of fossil fuel including petrol, gas and coal is limited on earth. It cannot be produced and can simply be extracted from the soil. So its use without care may finish their stocks and one day people won’t have this precious source of fuel.

So the best way is to use it as least as possible but it is not a rational approach. People don’t have that much long vision to worry about declining stock of fossil fuel.

All knows the stocks of fossil fuel are not going to finish in years or even in decades. That is why people just make their today comfortable and they are not worry about their tomorrow which actually their coming generations have to spend.

Electric car

Another option to mitigate the vehicular emissions is the electric car. It was invented in 1999 but yet to gain popularity because of its higher prices. Secondly electricity generation process does require burning of fossil fuel that creates air pollution and also finishes its stock. So it is also not an environmentally viable option.

Solar car

Yet another option is solar car that is also not so easy to manage. Solar car has also been introduced in the market but it also needs a lot of care and its prices are also quite higher.

Water car; is it a reality?

The best news is that German car company BMW has successfully manufactured a car that’s fuel is water. Yes you heard me right water which we drink and consume.

Initially it has manufactured 100 cars that run with hydrogen. Its brand name is BMW H7 (hydrogen 7). Right now its manufacturing cost is quite higher and is still in test case. Once its test is fully done then advancement will be made to make its manufacturing cost cheaper.

It is predicted that in one or two decades it will be in the market just as regular car in different models and price ranges. No doubt one to two decades is a lengthy time period but after that the issue of depletion of fuel resources will be resolved permanently.

So till then the viable option is to use solar cars but surely it is not possible for all to replace their petrol or gas-run cars with the solar ones. So the most viable option is to use your personal conveyance minimum and cover short distances on feet and long distances on public transport.

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