How to deal with people who are skeptical about going green?

We hear much hue and cry against depletion of our natural resources. We see big processions against environmental pollution, climate change and global warming.

We see many people are talking about going green. We see massive efforts are being taken to make people go green. Blogs on green niche are being started, publications are being brought out and events are being organized to convince people adopt green living.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations are preaching the benefits of going green and explaining why it is necessary to adopt green way of living.

Green technologies are being incorporated in every kind of electric and electronic appliances to save more and more energy for a sustainable future.

How many people follow green living?

But how many people so far have adopted green living all over the world. I think hardly 5 per cent of the whole population of the world has completely adopted green lifestyle. Most of them are following sustainable practices in piecemeal and that too because of saving money and because of their inability to pay fat bills.

going green
Majority takes going green as a stupid idea

A huge majority of people still believe that going green is a stupid idea. People consider it a living style of ancient times when technology was nowhere. They argue why we sacrifice our comfort and luxury just to save a few bucks. They say if one can afford to pay fat bills it is his right to enjoy his life the way he wants.

Limit of personal liberty

There should not be any objection to let people enjoy their life the way they want. They have the personal freedom to do whatever they want to do. But they take their personal freedom up to the limit till there no one is hurt. Yes no human being is hurt and no one’s personal or public property is hurt.

 Isn’t environment a public property

Actually they don’t take natural property equally important. As a result:

  • They throw away writing paper half used without knowing it was made of trees.
  • They leave food in their plate without knowing it was actually made from an agriculture produce.
  • They don’t switch off their car while staying for a while and waste fuel without knowing it was made from fossil fuel that is in limited amount.
  • They waste energy at home without knowing how much fossil fuel is burnt in energy generation.

Without knowing the importance of natural property including trees, minerals, water, air, mountains, valleys, soil they say going green is a thing of past when people didn’t have the blessings of technological advancement.

Who they are?

They are actually skeptical people and don’t know the value of natural resources in our life.

They don’t know if we keep emitting more and more smoke from our vehicles and factories there would be more global warming. If we face warmer weather or erratic weather conditions our agriculture produce would decline.

As a result we have to pay more for our food. So we won’t have much money to enjoy and have to spend major part of our income to meet one of our basic needs of food.

How to make aware skeptical people?

So it is necessary to make such people aware who are quite skeptical about the benefits of going green. They don’t have farsightedness and see whatever is apparent and don’t know what would happen tomorrow if we keep wasting our resources.

To convince such people on benefits of going green we first need to fully know why it is must to go green and make our planet safer and greener. After knowing this we should obtain green info and keep preaching it to people who we think are skeptical about going green.

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