How to raise awareness on green earth with your comments?

Green earth means the earth free from all kinds of environmental threats. In the beginning our planet was quite safe because of no interruption in it by human greed. But by and by human greed overtook the eternal pleasure and focused on time-being pleasure. From then people started inventing everything that could give them fastest possible relief regardless of its permanency.

How green earth was put at risk?

So people started earning more and consuming more. As a result rising consumption habits generated the waste and manufacturing caused emissions that created environmental pollution. Green earth became the dream of past.

green earthNeed of sustainability felt

Eventually people did realize doing anything beyond its limit is always disastrous to our health, our well-being and our environment as well. Ultimately it could harm our earth and it already has hit it a lot. So the need of improving our environment was realized to make our planet a green earth.

It didn’t happen in short time

All types of harms that were made to our environment were not made in a few days or in a few years. It was all done in centuries since the industrialization took place on our planet.

So its improvement equally requires time and we all need to educate each other on every kind of negative step that could harm our environment and every positive action that could improve its condition.

This is called the recurring process of making people aware on importance of green earth for a safer and greener life of ours and our future generation. It actually means we should use every tool of communication to convey our message of environmental care to those who still are unaware of it.

Your comments and green earth

Your comments are also an important source to let people know your opinion about an environmental issue. It may be how to control pollution, how to prevent water pollution, how to mitigate the effects of air pollution or how to adopt green lifestyle without doing much. All such lovely messages could be communicated with your comments that you may share on:

  • Social media: Like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn etc
  • Online publications: Blogs, online newspapers, online magazines, online videos on YouTube etc
  • Forums: These are established for different communities to share their views and interact with other community members.
  • Emailing: If you have a lengthy list of email you can send your comments about a hot current topic on environment to all your friends and colleagues

On all the above online resources there is a separate section or row of sharing your comments on a topic of your interest. It could be any topic but being an environment lover you should search the topics related to green earth and give your comments to let people know more about it.

What your comments should have?

A comment could be an appreciation of whatever is already shared, a criticism to improve it or some addition to let people know more on it.

How to comment well?

Your efforts should be to stay positive while giving your comments because negative comments are not warmly welcome anywhere. So first you need to appreciate whatever is already mentioned in an online publication or sharing and then share your comments to give something more about the topic.

How to comment in no time?

You need not to spare extra time for this purpose. Many people who already are using internet do spend some of their time for socializing online. So while doing so just stop by any online article related to environment or its related issue and give your feedback on it to benefit those who would read it after you.

Do green awakening with your comments

So just try this tool of communication from today to share your views on hot topics of environment related to your area or interest. Do play your role to raise public awareness on green earth for a better and greener living.

I am sure you would share your comments on this topic in comments section below to prove how wonderfully you have received the message of this post.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media to let others know how their comments could also be used to raise public awareness on green earth.

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