How to share your local environmental issues on Wikipedia?

You can let a wider level of audience to know about your local environment issues by writing an article on it and sharing it on Wikipedia.

You may wonder how come you can publish your article on a website that is considered one of the most popular websites.

Don’t worry, after reading this post you can easily share an article on your local environmental issue on it without any hurdle.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

Your local environmental issues

Local environmental issues vary from area to area. Of a big city they may be rising amount of vehicular emissions, no control on industrial pollution or mismanagement of solid waste because of inefficiency of your local government system.

For a small town or a rural district they could be agriculture pollution, water logging and salinity and wanton cutting of forests by timber traders.

local environmental issues

So it is must to highlight such violations and malpractices through all means and publishing them on a popular website like Wikipedia could divert the attention of those who can help you manage your local environmental issues.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is one of the biggest information hubs on internet. You can get every kind of information from there. Most of its info is latest and you need not to further update it.

The biggest misconception about Wikipedia is peoples’ misunderstanding about its working. People believe it may have a large number of content writers who keep sharing every new info on it. It is absolutely wrong.

Who manage Wikipedia?

It is one of the biggest interactive info sites. Do you know who mostly manage it? You would be much surprised to know this. You and I manage it. By you and me I mean readers, internet users, info seekers they all share their info on it and also update it.

It is an open website and simply needs you to register first and then upload your article on any topic. Your information should be evergreen and should not be related to any time-specific issue. It should have huge impact on our world and a huge number of people should have interest in it.

It should be as comprehensive as possible which you need to make it eligible for publishing on social media.

How to share your article on Wikipedia?

It is also possible that the topic of the environmental issue you want to share on it may already be available there. If this is the case you still can incorporate your information into it.

You can write with your own name, with a pseudonym or without any identity. Your information should be correct, well written and should have all the necessary details that an average reader wants to know about it.

How to create your account on Wikipedia?

To share your post on your local environmental issues on Wikipedia first of all create your account by visiting the main site and clicking on create your account at its right side top.

After putting your required information like your user name, email address and password you would be asked to edit any page you like. If you want to edit an already published article just write its topic or heading in its search window and you would find it on front page of Wikipedia.

First step before sharing an article on Wikipedia

Before sharing an article on Wikipedia first extensively search if an article complete or partially related to your topic is already available. If a partially related article is available just add your info into it under sub-headings by clicking the edit option at the top of that article.

If an article on your topic is not available then you can create your own page by visiting this URL: User Name. Just put your user name at the end by replacing “Your User Name” and you would arrive on your own page where you have the option to create your own page for sharing your article on your local environmental issues.

Things to avoid

Please remember if you would share a post promoting;

  • Your green product,
  • An environmental NGO
  • Or an organization
  • Or your own story of struggle for saving the environment

It is likely that the admin of Wikipedia would simply receive your article but would never publish it because it does not cover the contents of higher level of interest for a larger number of people.

Do editing of already published articles for practice

It is also better to first try editing a few articles related to your area of interest and see how much of your editing has been accepted by the Wikipedia. This would help you understand its criteria to evaluate the quality of required info before accepting it.

Once you fully understand what type of info they receive and publish then you would have better understanding to create your own article and then successfully publish it on Wikipedia.

FAQs on Wikipedia

You may also read frequently asked questions about this information hub before creating your first article to better know its criteria and process of accepting and publishing your article.

So this is how you can create an article on your local environmental issues and share it on Wikipedia to let more and more people know about them.

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