How to Reuse Old Paper And Avoid Creating Garbage Pollution?

Just look around you. If there is no garbage pollution anywhere around you at least you must be watching multiple color dustbins with the loud message of USE ME.  This shows how important it is now to manage the garbage.

We can’t stop creating garbage pollution. As long as we are alive we would be using products and will be throwing their packaging and leftover. If we eat food we can’t eat everything in it and have to leave the un-edible into our plate.

So it is unwise to think not creating garbage in any way. The best option we have is to least creating garbage and do that where we don’t have any choice.

But following this approach still each one of us would be creating huge amount of garbage. As a result our land would be under more burden of garbage pollution that already has affected its natural features and it is facing a lot of threat to its well being.

garbage pollutionJust imagine if our land is facing a lot of survival problems then how come we being its inhabitants could be free from different environmental and health threats.

So the best way is to avoid creating garbage of any type as much as we can. One of the biggest components of garbage pollution is used paper that is created from tree and it is used for so many purposes. Its main uses are:

  • For writing
  • For wrapping
  • For printing
  • For cleaning as tissue paper

The whole population of this world use paper daily for different purposes and after using it people throw it into garbage. It ultimately goes to landfill site and go through the process of dissolution in quite long time. Then more paper is created by cutting trees and this process keeps going.

It means to avoid cutting of more trees we need to use paper with care and never waste it. But still we can’t avoid using it because to make our life fast and convenient paper is one of the most essential usable things in our life.

So another wise option is to keep reusing and recycling it for serving our other types of needs of our daily living. Recycling of paper is usually made by recycling companies that pick the paper from garbage and do their job.

From our part we need to reuse paper as much as we can to avoid wasting it. First we must use every kind of paper fully to reduce creating waste. Secondly we adopt different methods to reuse paper. These are 22 ways to reuse paper. By following these ways we can help reduce load of garbage pollution. Not only this but we can also save a lot of money which we otherwise use to serve our purpose what we do with reusing the paper by following these ways.

Do remember our every effort equally contribute to help protecting our environment from all types of pollution. We simply need to keep trying with every way and mean to play our role for making our planet a safer and better place to live.

Do you have any other idea to reuse our daily usable things to avoid generating garbage pollution? Do you make efforts on individual basis or with your community to save our environment as much as you can? Do share your views in comments section below to further motivate readers of this blog to keep helping each other better protect our planet Earth.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to promote the cause of reusing old paper for avoiding generation of garbage pollution and make this world a cleaner and greener place to live.

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