7 Insanely Simple Ways to Reuse Old Bottles

Well every kind of thing is created to make our life convenient. Be it a necessity or luxury the basic purpose of its creation is to spend our life without much difficulty.

Earlier people didn’t have much diversity in all kinds of products. Every region had its own products for food, shelter and clothes. People were happy to use their local products.

But after advancement in means of communication it becomes easier to transport goods and services from one region to another region quite easily. Then the era of globalization begun and every region got access to all the world’s markets. From there diversity in every product boosted consumption everywhere.

Era of branded products

After that we saw the emergence of branded product. Be it pizza, burger, hot dog, causal wares, formal wares, household items, electronic items, means of transport or pleasure services we saw everything got branded.

reuse old bottlesThen consumption all over the world got another boost and we became a consumer society where our main source of pleasure becomes consumption and more consumption.

Trick to boost consumption

To make the consumption practices easier the sellers and manufacturers made the carrying of products quite easier. They put everything in easy to carry bags, packets, bottles, cans, containers and boxes. It prompted people to consume more because of the convenience linked with it.

Use of bottles

For most of the drinks including soft drinks and wines, bottles were used to offer them to consumers in different quantities. Also different beautiful shapes, colors and sizes of bottles enhanced the attraction of beverages that ultimately boosted its sales.

Where to throw used bottles?

But once people used the liquid product inside the bottle the problems arose where to dispose of the empty bottles. If they are disposed of with solid waste it could affect the soil fertility where the entire garbage is dumped.

Recycling is a difficult option

So it was advised by environmentalists to recycle the bottles to make new bottles from the material of older one. But this is not applicable in every part of the world where recycling industry has yet to start functioning.

In advance world recycling industry does exist but it is quite cumbersome to first collect such bottles and then send them to a recycling company.

Reuse is easier

So people explored another way to dispose of bottles in an environment friendly way. This is called the reuse of old bottles. It is relatively an easier option where you simply have to use an already used bottle for another purpose.

How to reuse old bottles?

First of all separate the glass bottles from plastic ones. Glass bottles are quite safe to reuse for any kind of liquid intake. But plastic bottles may have harmful material and you can’t put any edible or drinkable liquid material into it.

So the three easy ways to reuse old bottles made of glass are:

  1. Reuse the glass bottles of beverages for keeping drinking water into it.
  2. Put flowers into them to decorate your side table or any other place
  3. Put any edible thing into it include edible oil, vinegar or any sweet syrup

The four easy ways to reuse plastic bottle are:

  1. Cut its narrow top to make it a pot for putting stationery into it
  2. Use it for keeping water to put it into the radiator of your vehicle once it gets hot on road
  3. Put any washing detergent into it for cleaning floor and washroom
  4. Put any liquid that is not for drinking purpose and may have any harmful stuff into it.

So these are the seven easiest ways to reuse old bottles and avoid throwing them into garbage to add into land pollution.

There are several other ways to reuse bottles which you can adopt if you have the basic concept how to reuse plastic and glass bottles differently for different purpose.

I am sure you would reshare this post on social media with your friends to let them know how to reuse old bottles and save our earth from the heaps of garbage that affect soil’s natural features.

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