12 Best Flooring Options To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Floor is that part of our home and office that remains in our physical contact most of the time. Either we walk on it, lie on it or sleep on it we remain in touch with it almost whole day and night.

Being in touch with it doesn’t mean direct contact. Maybe sometime we sit on a cushion lying on it. Sometime we walk on it within home bare-footed and sometime with slippers or shoes. In any of the cases it remains in touch with us with all its positive and negative impacts.

If we remain in polluted air most of the time we suffer from various respiratory and other diseases. So what happen if we remain in touch directly or indirectly with a floor made of harmful stuff?

Obviously our health would suffer if the floor of our home is made of any harmful raw material. So we need to be so cautious while selecting which type of floor is the best for our home or office environment.

make your home eco-friendly 12 flooring options to make your home eco-friendly

There are actually 12 flooring options to make your home eco-friendly. It ups to you which one is most fit to the weather conditions where you are living. Earlier we have discussed 5 questions to ask before buying eco-friendly flooring for your home. So do read it after reading this post.

1. Cork

It’s recently being used as flooring material. Otherwise it was used as wall covering or to cap a bottle. It is one of the ideal renewable resources and grows fast. It has anti-microbial features that reduces the risk of allergens at home. It is also fire retardant, easy to maintain and works as natural insect repellent too.

2. Bamboo

It is a wood-like option and getting quite popular in most of the advance world. It is made of a grass and quite easy to maintain and easy to install.

The proof of its sustainability is its fast growth and it is fully grown for use in three to five years. It is available in different natural colors so it offers the choice of various hues to pick your favorite one.

3. Linoleum

It should not be taken as vinyl that is made of chlorinated petrochemical and quite harmful for our environment and health.

It is created from mixture of linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments and ground limestone. It is both fire retardant and water resistant.

4. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are made from used glass bottles of beverages so this is one of the best floorings as far as its eco friendliness is concerned. It is also available in different colors and quite easy to maintain to make your home eco-friendly.

5. Concrete

It is made of material available in abundance on soil. So its usage does not reduce our resources and we can use it as our flooring material.

Earlier it was used as foundation and a smooth layer of cement or clay was made on it. But now because of advance processing it could be used by smoothening its surface and does not require an additional layer on it. It is one of the most long-lasting flooring options to make your home eco-friendly. It is easy to clean and very durable.

6. Wool Carpet

Wool carpet means natural carpet made from the natural material that is spun into thread and then is woven into carpet. Its manufacturing does not require any chemical processing nor any big amount of energy is used to produce it.

It is one of the oldest materials used for flooring and very durable. It lasts for centuries and could be used by simply washing it with appropriate intervals.

7. P.E.T Berber Carpet

It is also another type of sustainable carpet and made by recycling the plastic bottles. So the recycling of plastic bottles means they’re not going to landfill that may hurt the natural features of our land because of its being non-biodegradable.

It is durable, spill resistant and available in variety of colors and textures according to your requirement and affordability.

8. Rubber

Flooring made by rubber is quite common in sporting places. But now people are also using it in their homes. It is made of recycled tires. It is so comfortable for walking and also water resistant.

9. Leather

Leather is made of animal hide and already being used to make belts, wallets and handbags that come in direct contact of people.

So being as floor material it is quite safe and does not emit any smell once its smell is neutralized with a safe processing. A little care is required to use it as flooring because it could be worn or scratched with slight hit.

10. Reclaimed Hardwood

In many parts of the world trees were chopped many many years ago and now are reclaimed because leaving their wood unused is equally harmful for our land and air environment.

So the flooring made of such reclaimed wood is also called eco friendly and is the best option for those who want wooden floor in their homes.

You should check if it is really made of reclaimed wood to save the cutting of trees. A local authority of your area has the job to certify products made of reclaimed things. Ask your nearby EPA which authority is doing this job in your area.

11. Recycled tiles

The material already used in building material and then discarded as scrap is also recycled to create bricks and tiles. Search in your surrounding if recycled tiles are available and you can use them as flooring in your home.

These are usually cheap in price but good in quality because all the useless stuff is removed from it before making flooring with it.

12. Sisal Carpets

It is a material generally used for rope and twin. It is twisted into carpet fibers to make resilient flooring that resist water.

Not so easy to produce but skilled labor of weaving industry create this type of flooring with both manually and with machines in most parts of the world.

So this is all about best flooring options to make your home eco-friendly, safer, healthier and more pleasant.

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