Why Air Pollution In China Is A Big Problem?

China is quite notorious for not fully controlling its problem of air pollution. Its reasons are many.

China has a controlled economy and strong governance system. It has retained the system of communism in public administration. But despite all this it could not have mitigated the vehicular and industrial emissions. It miserably failed to make its air at the acceptable quality level.

In winter the air pollution in China worsens. Many times civic administration has to announce special holidays in schools of its big industrial cities.

Corporate leaders of multinational companies avoid to be posted in China. They resist a lot if their posting is done in its any big city.

Indoor games are more promoted in winter and outdoor games face a lackluster . This is done just because of rising level of pollutants in the air.

air pollution in ChinaOnce the government of China planned to regulate barbecue shops to stop them making air emissions. In desperation it tried to regulate barbecue sector that is least polluting as compare to other sectors. The biggest polluting sector in China is power generation that creates energy from coal.

Why air pollution in China is uncontrollable?

Its reason is very simple. Chinese economy is still working on communist model. It means most of its industrial units are government-owned or government-managed.

Government can’t punish itself

So how can green regulator of China take action against its sister organization. It is rare that a government department takes action against another government department.

Cost factor

Chinese government also can’t afford to invest more in state-owned corporations to make them environment friendly. It needs huge investment. In a state of economic transition from controlled to free economy it is riskier for it to invest more.

Income factor

It is feared that one day it has to auction so many thinly profit-making government-owned corporations. So after investing for the sake of pollution control their cost will go higher. A thinly profit-making entity can’t be easily sold at bigger prices. So it is wise for China to avoid investing more in its companies.

Price factor

If it does not sell them even then another risk is involved into investing for pollution control. Pollution control equipment not only requires capital cost but they also have maintenance cost. That cost will be added into the overall cost of production.

So as a result prices of the products will rise. China is competing in global markets because of its competitive prices. If it raises prices to cover the higher cost of production it will lose its share from global market. As a result it may not remain one of the global economic leaders.

So to avoid losing its economic power in world markets it is sacrificing its clean environment. Maybe China doesn’t know this step will go against it in the long run.

Consistently degrading environment will ultimately deplete its resources. Then its raw material will face shortage. As a result it has to import the raw material. So its cost of production will move higher. Ultimately it has to raise its prices higher than the normal rise. It has to skyrocket the prices to cover the pollution control cost.

Main reason

So the short-sightedness of the Chinese policy makers is the main reason of air pollution in China. That is why it is still a big problem there.

In short Chinese policy makers need to think long term. They should not opt for the short term benefits. The ever degrading environment will not only impact its economy but equally hit the public health. We do know that a strong nation can’t be created with weak people.

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