3 most effective methods for natural honey pedicure

Your feet reflect how much stress and tension you have in your mind. So with regard to stress and anxiety we can say foot is the index of mind.

It means to sooth our mental worries we equally need to keep our feet happy apart from relaxing our mind. This is not done with thought process just like we do to release tension from our mind. Here we need to apply physical methods to keep our feet happy.

Just touch one of your feet gently and see what you feel. A relaxing feel you must have after just you touch it. But just massaging your feet without any natural soother will not work always. It does need any natural oil or liquid that can calm down the stress lying in your feet.

natural honey pedicure3 methods to do natural honey pedicure

For this purpose honey is the best option as main content with several other natural add-ons. Here are three ways for natural honey pedicure.

For each of these methods, try to get natural honey free from unnatural processes. Remember use of machine to process any natural thing can rob half of its natural features and benefits. So always go for natural things with least of mechanic process. We call it organic products.

Method 1: Feet in water bucket

Take 2 black tea bags, one tea spoon of honey, and one teaspoon of lemon and mix them into a bucket of hot or warm water depending upon the level of cold in your area.

Put your feet into it and forget about anything else. Even don’t look forward to any quick result of it and just relax. Close your eyes as if you are flying in the air or swimming in the deep water.

Keep putting your feet in it for ten minutes. If you have any dead skin on your feet never remove it with any metallic sharp. Always use pumice stone to remove it. Now let’s proceed to the next step.

Method 2: Foot scrub

Take half cup of sea salt, one teaspoon of honey and three tablespoon of coconut oil and combine them well. Now massage your feet very slowly with them. Massage more with full care on achy spots. With rest of the matter massage your hands as well. Now rinse off your hands and feet with warm water.

Method 3: Moisturizing salve

Take two tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Stir them together in a bowl. Put the bowl in a hot water without letting it drown into the water. Rub the mixture softly on your feet and stay relaxed for ten to fifteen minutes.

Then rinse off your feet with warm water and with any good quality organic soap. I repeat organic soap because use of a chemically made soap will waste the result of the entire process you just did. Now all is done. Just feel the difference and enjoy.

This is all about how to do natural honey pedicure at your home without spending too much money. Just after a few times following of one of the above methods you would feel a big difference.

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