How to buy your kids hammer balls?

Parents want their kids also learn while playing. This great habit can be developed in kids at their early age. This is the age when parents don’t insist their kids to just play and play.

Once your kid grows the age of one year you should buy him toys to learn and fun both. There are two options you have to do this task.

Buy plastic toys

If you don’t care much (it’s almost impossible) about your lovely kid you can buy him any plastic toy. Either it is of high quality or low quality but risk of harming your kid is always in it.

hammer ballsIn most of the plastic material even some scientifically allowed substance may have any harmful stuff. So the best way is to fully stay away from such toys that have any chance of harming your kid.

Always remember your little kid won’t weep if you don’t buy him a plastic toy. So also develop in him the habit of staying away from plastic toys from the very beginning.

Organic toy

The best option is to buy organic toys for your little kid. They are mostly made of clothes, wool, cotton, wood and any other harmless stuff.

In every big city there are specialized shops for such toys. You can also buy them online. Just write in search window “organic toys online” and you will get huge list of websites that sell them online.

You can pay them online with your credit card or PayPal account and will receive it at your home. No physical exertion, no wandering and just with the click of your mouse you can buy a safe toy for your kid.

Fun versus learn

There is a huge list of such toys available both online and offline. All toy models from sports items to kitchen wear, from vehicles to guns and from homes to movie characters are available for sale everywhere.

But here you can achieve two objectives of making your kids enjoy and learn both from a toy. You can do this buying fun and learn toys that are also easily available both online and offline. They are also called educational toys. Kids can learn counting, identify colors, recognize animals, flowers, vegetables with this type of toys.

Hammer Balls of Plan Toy

This is a unique type of toy purely organic and make your kids do fun and learn both with it. As shown in a picture it is rectangular wooden box with wholes for insertion of balls by hitting on them with a wooden hammer. The ball moves down and pushes another one in the row of three balls at the bottom of the box to come out. Your kid can hit it and put again to repeat the process.

You can ask why such laborious activity for a small kid. You are right but the whole activity is fully safe. While striking the hammer at the ball there is no risk of harm. Balls, hammer, rectangular box etc everything is so soft and fully safe for your kid.

Younger kids can play without using hammer also. They can simply push the ball with hands to drop the one from the bottom row and keep doing this to enjoy and learn. Older kids can use hammer to make it a more lively game.

You can ask why to bother my kid with this whole activity that needs a lot of concentration and labor. It has most amazing benefits you never thought before.

First of all it helps your kid to develop hand-eye coordination to become good worker in future

No mechanical work is involved in it so it develops in your kid the habit of doing work manually also

This toy is made of completely safe and recycled rubber and wood by the famous company PlanToy widely known for its specialty in manufacturing organic toys of this type.

So what you are waiting for. Do you really love your kids and want them to learn and make fun both very safely. If yes just click here to buy the one online and love your kids.

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