What you must know about environmental pollution?

You must have heard about it several times.

So many of you must also already know a lot about environmental pollution?

I also shared a lot about it in my previous posts like:

You must be thinking if I have already shared a lot about environmental pollution earlier in my several posts why I am sharing it again in this post.

about environmental pollution

Its answer is as simple as ABC. About any kind of hazard we should keep knowing more and more. But here I won’t repeat which I earlier shared with you. Nor I would borrow anything from other thousands and thousands of posts available online.

What you MUST know about environmental pollution?

My purpose is to let you know what you must know about environmental pollution. Earlier all that was shared actually you need to know about it. But in this post only those points that directly relate to your very survival. That relates to yours and your kids’ wellbeing. Else we all would be handing over this world to a sick generation.

Still no one cares

This is the first and foremost reality attached with every kind of environmental pollution. People do know it is hazardous for us and for our environment. But they still don’t care and most of the people just shrug off its disastrous effects.

Every one do realize that now people have more health problems than his predecessors. People also accept that our living style is not healthier now. But no one points at exact reasons of our falling health.

A thin minority do bring behavioral changes in its way of living. But a huge majority is still running after so-called comforts and luxuries that badly hit the health of people.

So we must know all those points about environmental pollution that we can communicate to others. So we can convince them to wake up before it’s too late.

We must know that: Environmental pollution:

  • Every type of pollution is a silent killer and its negative effects appear gradually on our health
  • Pollution equally disastrous for our health and for our environment
  • Even if it hits environment only then too it is equally disastrous because a polluted world will never let us live healthily and happily
  • Our planet is the only one we have and we must protect it from all types of hazards
  • We must change ourselves first even if someone ridicule us
  • Forget about status symbols and adopt a simple living because pollution never see if its victim is rich or poor
  • The most criminal thought is “All are doing” when someone starts to avoid causing any kind of pollution; so must avoid this thought and start caring our environment now.

So these are a few points which we must know about environmental pollution and try to tell about them to others as well.

If we keep looking at others or wait for any divine help to save us from pollution it will never happen. It is only we who can save our world from pollution and for this we must stand from now. We must stand up against pollution else future historians will have no sympathy for our disastrous end.

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