Why you must switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs?

Everyone in this world wants to meet his unlimited wants with limited means. But it is not possible to meet all your needs with your limited resources. So you make your priorities in your life. It means how much to spend on what and where to spend first.

It is obvious that one must spend first on his basic necessities. Earlier basic necessities were food, shelter and clothes. That was ancient time when machine was not invented. Life was not so fast in those good old days. So people used to get up early in the morning and sleep at sunset.

energy-efficient light bulbs

But now with the use of energy one can work in night. With lights a night could be turned into a day. So people take the liberty of working whenever they want. Workers in factories and offices work in shifts now because they can turn the dark into light.

Awareness to save energy

But people also realized that unbridled use of electricity to lighten their night is also putting burden on their budget. Also use of more and more electricity create environmental problems. As the energy is created by burning fossil fuel that emits smoke in huge amount and causes air pollution. So voices were raised to use energy in a limit and never waste it.

Energy can’t be saved beyond a limit

Still problem could not be solved and people still have to use a limited amount of energy to make their life comfortable. Even controlled use of energy could not solved the problem of air pollution. Energy still has to be produced in large amount because now population of this world is nearly seven billions. So energy consumption despite of its controlled use could not be lowered beyond a limit.

Energy-efficient LED light bulbs

So the idea of energy-efficient electricity appliances was introduced. Every appliance was created with the option of using minimum electricity. We know that the most used electric items are bulbs and fans. Special efforts were made to produce as much energy-efficient bulbs as possible. The latest add-on is LED light bulb that consumes energy from 25 to 80 per cent lesser than traditional bulbs. Let’s have a look on all about energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

What is a LED light?

It is an abbreviation of ‘Light Emitting Diode’. It is a semiconductor device that changes the electricity into light.

What is a LED light bulb?

LED light bulbs is quite different from conventional bulb that is also called incandescent bulb. LED light bulb produces light by using a semiconductor that emits light energy when an electric current is passed through it. On the contrary conventional incandescent light bulb simply passes electricity through a filament and hence does not save much energy while functioning.

Are LED lights more energy efficient?

It is a well-proven finding that an energy-efficient LED light bulb as compare to all types of conventional bulbs saves up to 80 per cent energy while lightening. It depends upon the quality of an energy-efficient LED light bulb to make from the range of 25% to 80% energy saving. Higher the cost of bulb means higher the amount of saving.

It means by making one-time a bit higher expense by purchasing the energy-efficient LED light bulb you can save up to 80% energy by switching from conventional bulb. So by switching to it in your home and office you can slash your energy bill sizably to save money and spend that saving to meet your other wants.

Your take

What do you say now? Are you convinced now that you must switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs to save energy and money? By saving energy you would also contribute in mitigating air pollution. So don’t delay and make your plan to switch to this amazing energy-saving device to help mitigate air pollution and save money as well.

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